I’m gonna accept u as u are BUT definitely place u where u belong ✌🏽

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I’m mentally at a place where I can’t afford to freely give anymore meaning if I love you, I need for you to love me back, if I care about you , I need for you to care about me too. If I sacrifice for you, I need sacrifices in return. If I protect you, I need to be protected as well. My mental capacity won’t allow me to keep pouring from an empty cup. I can’t afford to accept one sided love and energy anymore. We all deserve to be poured into, as we pour into others – SIGN: and SENT:

I’m mentally at a Place where I can’t afford to freely https://imperialcrownentertainment.com/product/blues-brown-remix-collar-shirt/ https://www.instagram.com/reel/CibcJ5Lg92t/?igshid=N2NmMDY0OWE= https://www.facebook.com/icybluelive/posts/pfbid02V5h9MsSfJufykptwBwx2uL6VMFo4zT7SYnMThXNFePDR74ikH6F5GyPotH9fNn6ul