Embrace Your Almost by Jordan Lee Dooley (Hardcover)



This exclusive edition contains a BONUS chapter and a letter from the author

A no-nonsense guide to the life you long for, even when it doesn’t go according to plan, from the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday.

Jordan Lee Dooley knows firsthand how devastating it can be when you almost achieve a goal, almost reach a dream, or almost get to where you want to be, only to land just short of the finish line or watch it all fall apart at the last minute.

Disrupted, delayed, or even seemingly destroyed dreams have a way of making us rethink everything. But perhaps rethinking dreams is not always the worst thing. In those moments, you have a chance to pause and consider what matters most to you in a world that’s constantly telling you what you should want or should do.

Believe it or not, it is possible to cultivate a life you really like–and one where you can succeed–in the tension of the middle, between where you started and where you hoped to be. Discover:

– practical steps to move forward when your plans don’t go according to plan
– how to clarify which goals are right for you to pursue
– what to do when dreams seem to come true for everyone but you
– the unexpected gains that can arise from unwanted pain
– how to know when it’s time to let go of a dream–and what to do with the space left behind

As hard as unexpected interruptions, uncertainty, and in-between seasons may be, they also offer a unique invitation to align your dreams and goals with what matters most. It’s time for you to gain greater clarity about what you truly want, why you want it, and how to pursue it.

Biographical Note:
Jordan Lee Dooley is the national bestselling author of Own Your Everyday and the host of the top-rated podcast SHE. She is also the founder of the Own It Academy, a digital education company, and SoulScripts, a words company known for its phrase Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here. A big dreamer, ruthless planner, and ambitious go-getter, Jordan has learned firsthand how setbacks, broken plans, and disrupted dreams provide us an opportunity to clarify and live out what we truly value in a world of overwhelming options and demands. With this book, she’s on a mission to teach women how to make the most of the middle and pursue meaningful goals that align with what matters most.

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