B. toys Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Alpha B. Tical 27pc


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Learning A, B, and C is easy peasy with the Alpha B. tical puzzle from B. toys! This wooden Puzzle Plank comes with 26 chunky and colorful pieces that children can use to memorize the letters of the alphabet, discover objects and animals, learn different colors, and even play a shape sorting game. Encourage your little learner to call out each letter as they pick it up, then introduce the friendly characters and items found on the board – A for Apple, K for Key, M for Moon, and T for Tree! This educational toy also fosters creativity and can help improve your kiddo’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Recommended for toddlers 18 months and over.
Number of Pieces: 27
Suggested Age: 18 Months and Up
Educational Focus: Letters
Material: Wood
Battery: No Battery Used

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