My grandma talking about we ready lord who da fuck is we Na
If a busted can of Biscuits cuts was a person
Be a bigger person I cant Im only 5 2
Things that make me mad
Amazing how only males and females are getting coronavirus why arent the other 57 genders getting it
Serious question when someones telling you a sad story and start crying how long should I wait before I take
When you thought you seen it all lol
When your facebook crush gets pregnant
I tried so hard and got so far but in the end
When someone calls u by ur nickname when u don’t even know them like that
The last thing a craft beer sees before it dies
When you’re 2 blocks away from home and start losing the battle
If you’re ever accidentally touched one of these with your bare hands you are immune to the coronavirus
Let’s settle this once and for all guys our boxers should be worn for how many days mac before washing
I’m stuck on this color and shoe
Him I bet you give some amazing head me
I deserved every L I took. I got too comfortable wit a lot of shit & people and it backfired
When you don’t like me but your friends do so I end up on your time line anyway
I can no longer offer my support friendship or loyalty’s where it’s not returned
I will argue with anyone about anything


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