Forgiving aint in my lane nomore ain’t no I turns
Deleting me from social media is cool but adding me again lol respect yourself
It’s better to remain alone than giving to energy and time to people who don’t value you
Kids beg you to play hide-and-seek and then hide like this
If you wanna unfriend me because I’m not a trump supporter BI DEN
Only true new yorkers know what this means LMGABEACSPK
Question how a whole graveyard in atlanta voted  #itsthevoterfraudforme
I ain’t fucking with no more edibles me and my homegirl been driving around looking for me for over an
No woman really love me I’m just too good of a man to let go period
They said joe got dementia and going to be sending stimies every week
I love a bitch who call me all day fuck do you want now
I don’t know how to use Tiktok but I can write in cursive do long division and tell time on
Don’t worry some people are their own punishment in life
Me lighting up your life
Ladies how do you pee I’m #2
If you grew up in the bronx happy veterans day cuz you a whole soldier
The spoon when thrice cream too hard
Brainwashed people be mad af when you ain’t brainwashed
Niggas be in the bathroom 30mins texting hoes then come out talking bout man my stomach fucked up
You ever just

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