Can’t be the only one who drives with both
Im tryna pop up rich like how yall pop up pregnant goodnight
Profile pics vs pics you’re tagged in
Moms today
Which Tommy is most important is in history go who yall got
In the middle of a bath and they announce that liquor stores are opening for 30 mins only
The government want us to home school our kids but he’ll I was in special ed my damn self wtf
How I sleep knowing im kinda toxic but loyal asf
I feel sorry for the kids who will never get to try these gummies
Do yall prep your meat like this or in a bowl got a debate going on with my friend RN
This is how skinny guys looks like with a thick girl
My buddy strapped up cause when I hit da 500000 we
Only black mamas can translate this
If your boyfriend brings you this how much pussy is he getting
When you been trying to get him to break up with you but he keeps trying to work shit out
Strawberry shortcake with cheesecake in the middle bitch Im a cow
Heal let go forgive move on be yourself love yourself open your heart speak your truth feel your feelings trust
How many of u want to drink this
My boy wouldve popped 6 percs and had this coronavirus cleared up by now
Look at these woman shit starting to run out huh & its to look like the walking dead around this


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