Y’all call anybody GOATS🐐 these NIGGAS be DEERS🦌😂😂😂🗣️
If a dude tell you he single FT him around 10pm-3am if he don’t answer he got a BITCH!
It’s ok to be quiet especially if you have nothing good to say, & outspoken especially if you say inspiring
Pretty girls don’t like fine niggas, we like funny, ugly niggas that dress nice🤣.
I’ve already forgiven my student loans whether Biden does or not
If you think your  girlfriend faithful check her cash app thank me later
I swear to you I won’t stop until of legs are shaking and your neighbors know my name
I catch feelings from how we goof around and communicate not from sex
My toxic trait I don’t speak I peep I feel I distance I stop caring
So y’all grown men gone just take all the PS5s from the kids lol
Im not having no kids unless I can promise them both parents
Truly only two types of men in the world
The most challenging relationship is the healthy one after the toxic one
My lil annoying ass will have you in love
Arriving Monday delivered November 8 atomic rhino smelling salts for pipedream products fuck my big black
Me skipping 100 cars then merging right when the lane ends
Hi honestly how damaged are you between me and you worse than a McDonald’s ice cream machine my guy
Late night snack waffle could neva
People think you’re trying to flex whole time you’re just proud of yourself
Rebellions not what most people think it is rebellion is when you turn off tv and start educating yourself and

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