Why do we take 20-45mins of pretending like we ain’t link to fuck
I ain’t never make it to the Holiday pictures in a relationship
I woulda stayed in the ballsack if I knew life was gonna be like this
This not having sex shit ain’t healthy at all 🙆🏿‍♀️my chest hurttt 😞🤣
Y’all hoes started them Onlyfans pages and thought y’all was gone take off now y’all see how it feel to
Five things to keep quiet about
Bitch it’s Friday grab dem wigs kids them kids then leave
Women once a month be like
IDGAF how shy you is we doing everything we said in them text messages slut
I knew I was gone be bad af when  I survived a plan B
Bitches be on onlyfans rubbing they Coochie then get on here trying to sell plates
Just signed up for Christian Mingle my username is JesusGotNailedAndSoCanYou
I got one more relationship In me before I start acting like my daddy
Niggas 27+ don’t play 1 lil attitude and you cut off like damn unc
I am so moody I will invite you to my house then get mad that you’re here
Whoever brings me the most peace is getting the most time
The older I get the calmer I get cause the older you get the more you realize don’t none of
Niggas think you lucky because your girlfriend pretty🤨.. boy this bitch get drunk and fight #Respectfully
When a Syosset family makes their coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks
Me waiting for God to arrive in 2021 and end it all

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