Any ugly bitches need a job
I remember I told my ex fuck you & yo whole family
Next time I have sex it’s gone be so nasty god gone be mad at us
Cookout in my room the buns already here just bring yo meat
Happy wife happy life nah bitch happy husband or ima fuck ya cousin
When his dick taps that dangly thing in the back of yo throat
Don’t pick and choose your battles
I don’t want to hear that gossip bullshit
I want to make a killing off Friday so bad but I’m scared of Jail
If I tell you to text me on snap don’t start saving messages you know why we here
Your past is in you’re head you’re future is in your hands
They judging you because you keep starting over I am clapping because you never gave up
I’m this years old
This nigga really bit my leg last night in some hungry shit omg
Without a gun most y’all niggas pussy
You can fuck up a whole bond by lying to a mf u could’ve kept it real with
Summer is almost over
If you hang out with me for Too long I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can
If you broke broke we can’t be friends
Somebody need to hear this

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