Now I be like oh shit I forgot my mask like Im Batman or something
$100 to anyone whos dad name isnt
Just look at you youre stoned again arent you
Cuandi le pides un favor a tu hermano y te dice que no
You will be the first multi millionaire in your family
What society tells you is cool
So you mean to tell me now that I have your password NOBODY messages you in 3 years
People stocking up on rice water and toilet paper
On 420 2020 at 420 I think we should all stand on our front lawns and smoke in social distancing
Back when you didnt need a fat ass or big tattys to be BEAUTIFUL
If a guy lays back and tells you to get on top and work for your own but how many
The biggest virus on earth is still human behavior
When the strip clubs open back up after quarantine
Trump oh I got the good vote I just fronted them $1200
When did it become popular to tell ppl when your deposits hit I’m old school I’m broke all the time
You ever sit down & wonder what you did wrong for someone to do you so dirty
Your roaches are in your kitchen mine are in an ashtray we are not the same
I havent heard some weird shit until u Fck a deaf girl sounded like I was beating a baby seal
Good morning king check your cash app cash app bae sent you $100 for haircut and lunch on me


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