Idc what I’m going through I’ma buy me a new WIG
Twitter been lit 10+ years so if you just now making one you lame as hell lmao
I love using wrong bitch in an argument just adds a little razzle dazzle
Bitches be so corny and think they hold so much weight you not no pressure
Black people don’t even ask for help they just get mad and be like you see me tryna pick up
May his breath smell like shit when he’s laughing with other women amen
Even if the bee could explain to the fly why pollen is better than shit, the fly would not understand
The PS5 sold out in a matter 29 mins Walmart count ur days
It’s all fun and games until another man has her smiling
Yea I wanted you but it wore off
People who have a high sex drive tend to look younger than their actual age
It’s colder than a DJ Eskimo outside and he the coolest DJ on the mf planet
How to fold a fitted bed sheet
When you unclip her bra and your credit card falls out
I’m really that multipurpose friend for Clubs, Trips, Art Shows, Shootouts 📲 me
Arizona flipping from red to blue
Lord the toddlers you gave us don’t care about being popped, Help Us !😣
Bruh.. if you got my number 9 years ago, please do not use it now…😂
I heard if you say your BD name in da mirror 5x’s he’ll come take care of his kids🤣
I just got a question: how y’all be so skinny with all this good food out there?!🤔

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