Y’all ever had a ex that went and dated a knock off version of you
I miss having that butterfly feeling mfs give me roach vibes at this point
If she pull her card out first whenever y’all out she’s traumatized by broke niggas
Missionary sex is not boring at all
I pray September October November and December are months filled with good news blessings growth new opportunities healing and love
Y’all girlfriends be looking like zoo animals ion like dat
So like big boobs run in my family & it really ran past me
I never gave a fuck about being included or excluded I’m valid by myself
I hang around so many great fathers & my dumb ass go & get a deadbeat
If a nigga ever say pussy is pussy that’s a nasty nigga
I need some nasty shit done to me that’s gone have me smilin for a week
There no kid as bad as my daughter she for sale anyone want a demon
So you really can’t see how u was wrong
No matter what I’m going through
Sade vs. Anita baker
Someone can love you desperately with their feelings and still not know how to love you correctly with their actions
Don’t let racism get you punched in the face
if a nigga can bag you from jail you need to be in that mfka too
She broke he broke the whole relationship no cents
A moment of silence for all the Facebook friends I’ve lost because of the stuff I post

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