Your chances of getting killed by a group of frogs are low but never zero
I cant unsee captain tiny arm and his baby sidekick mega hand
When the toilet stall door doesnt have a lock
Im soooooo weakkkkk
I avoid stuff because my temper can go from 0 to life in prison
When you thaw the chicken out in the sink
I can hear the DJs already if you survived Covid 19 make some mfn noise
A Gemini schedule
At my funeral I want someone to stand up and say at least hes not an asshole anymore
Alcoholics be like drink it it tastes like juice bitch why my chest hot
Loudest things in the world
Please tell me what yall niggas find attractive about this little boy
I just got paid today, bills nah I just got paid today
Them why yall come so late us traffic
Every time Beenie turn sideways
What do you see took me 3x
Why does this septic tank look like Rafiki from Lion King
This mf got a attitude because I asked him how Lamont was doing
Aint no way god told Noah to put 2 roaches on the boat
Mfs call u Silver spoon cause yo parents did their job sorry paper plate


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