I hate smokin with a MF who got strong fingers Big why my blunt neck broke
Black girls x gloss is elite
You only stressing cause you not giving up a weak mf woulda been folded
How old were you when you found out you can take screenshots by tapping the apple logo on the back
My best work is still inside of me I can almost reach it my longest finger can almost touch it
My mom so toxic the whole house jumped this nigga and he back
My problem is 1 Lil argument & ion really see no future with us nomore
So u deadass dont feel me thinkin bout u
It’s colder than DJ Eskimo outside and he the cooler DJ on the mf planet
You guess what i weigh I’ll buy you something for Christmas
A nigga family gone entertain whoever he bring around & mine is too tf
My second attempt at making a salad I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
Wish I never met you but thanks for the baby
Brace yourselves leaning boot season is coming
Knowing that you don’t bother nobody really just make you more aggressive when folks come fuckin witchu
Niggas looking at my last 2 post like
Next time your girl piss u off reply he busy and turn off your phone for a hour follow me
All the good ones got played now all they do is work chill & ignore people
Yall really dont overstand weed helps with depression
This is Alexi the Axolotl he has brought you a 48 pack of ramen as a gift

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