Some y’all need to spell coconut with that…
Her: he takes my breath away.friend:what’s wrong with being romantic
If I touched yo booty between 3rd and 8th grade I apologize…
Let’s argue
No kidding I’m recently single, too!
Niggas be dress like quavo asking for rides…
I heard what you did for a Klondike bar. Call me
My sex drive is high as hell if we dating and you wonder if…
If your my real friend bring up one memory of us that you’ll
My boyfriend think just cus I like bitches we gone be out here pullin bitches together..
She looked at her old life one more time took a deep breath…
A child’s shoulders were not built to bear the weight…
Truth Bomb
If Walmart don’t sit they ass down
Stop spending the night with people you can’t spend the day with
street knowledge intellect and spirituality
Stop making me drop my hoes if you not going take me serious
Soon as y’all wake up y’all get on fb! Don’t even know if you can walk
Make this the last year you struggle
A person with a good heart puts up with way too much shit


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