Good pussy is 1 thing
I said nut in me not get me pregnant niggas don’t listen
You’re always the bad guy when you return the energy
Meetin a nigga mother is scary
Confront a nigga about what he did wrong & watch he make it about you
I should ever have to lose their self to have a great relationship
Trusting PPL is getting harder and harder nowadays
Growth is choosing happiness over history and never looking back
Wish I could go shopping but this darn 2700 rent bill
Once you become fearless I life becomes limitless
Imma step behind anybody I call fam but who gone step behind me though
If you not a vibe you a headache
No matter how high a bird fly h still gotta come down & eat
I need to either dye my hair getting piercing or get a tattoo
I know love is real because I exist and I’m full of it
Who babydaddy can I use for my daughter party
If I scream out I’m sorry MsJackson & u don’t say oooo or I am for real we ain’t friends
I do believe that is checkmate
Clubs are worn out
My children will never owe me anything lol

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