I found healing when I told ego to lower it’s voice and sit in the corner while I asked my
Imagine honking at me and I put my car in park at the light
I niggas worried bout a PS5 but ain’t seen yo son in years p.s. he’s 5
Pussy be warm asf & females have the nerve to ask why you bust so quick what happens when you
Getting everyone’s Christmas gifts ready you still have time to let me know if you want chicken beef or shrimp
You can be a night owl and an early bird if your sleep schedule’s messed up enough
My little niece asked me why is his body so little now I can never unsee it
Anybody else having problems raising their mom mine won’t listen
Got so drunk last night we started labeling things in our Airbnb and woke up to this
If I ever disrespected you I meant that shit cause I know I let you slide 500 times before I
Her pussy good her vibe good she supports you fuck with her
I love when I’m drunk just be floating around smiling can’t hardly see
When you finally get the position where the mask doesn’t fog up your glasses
Be his peace because I’m his fckn problem can’t leave me alone for shit
You know the dick little when he ball it up in his hand to pull it out
You either home be my nigga or one of my niggas I got time for both
Every nigga scared of at least one of their homeboys
If we ain’t together why in the hell is you lying to me
The real tea is y’all be stressed out mom’s because y’all ain’t want kids y’all wanted them niggas
I really do be having come backs but they be hitting too below the belt so I just

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