When I pet a dog and the owner says wow he never lets strangers do that
Being a 4 and having a thing for 10s is rough
bae I don’t fuck with her me: kill her then in front of me
Actions be proving why words don’t mean shit
Mfers be shocked when I say wild shit in person
Any bitch who spend the night wit a nigga
Nobody fish at grocery store
This nigga dick is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
What advise would y’all give somebody that’s dating me
Become a ghost fuck attention just hustle the goal is to get paid not seen
One of the hardest things to do in life is stay focused
I be ignoring so many niggas just to end up with no nigga
Leaving in peace hurt niggas way more
& before we be anything let’s be real w/ each other
Do not be rude to my mom
This dick will have u telling yo family stfu u don’t know him like I do
Once you mine I really hate everything you post
Female with good pussy always single cause niggas become abusive
I’m a mom first and a real ass nigga immediately after that
I hope the internet shuts down to humble society

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