You can never expect to succeed, if you only put in the work on the days you feel like it
I refuse to argue with anyone born after 1995
Things you can say in carnival and in bed
I prefer to earn it makes me appreciate it more
When you see me with what I deserve just know I was patient for it
Niggas in my inbox talking bout queen bitch I’m a outstanding gang member
Pussy isn’t powerful every female has it your support is
Me I’m gonna start eating more healthy
My tone my head vs how everyone perceives my tone to be
Driving by myself is honestly a vibe just me and my music
People only label themselves blessed when money is involved
Why I gotta be the one to break all these generational curses
Normalize saying no without feeling guilty and saying sorry
Dear black girls do whatever you want with you hair
As you get older you can energetically feel the difference between
When someone only messages you when they need something from you
I don’t have a type if I like you, I like you. and if I like you, you’re pretty special
Don’t tell me you miss me  cause you sure wasn’t missing me when
I don’t have trust issues I have I’ve seen this before and I know how it end issues
When you gotta babysit but dem kids don’t listen to shit

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