If you don’t apologize for cheating on me in my dream you can take your shit and get tf out
Our president got 5 kids 3 baby mamas lives in government housing and got warrants
No matter how cold it is someone is still sleeping with the fan on
Dear plate sellers cause it’s a lot of y’all now can we the customer
Man I kid you not this here is a gift from god
When you check your friend page because you haven’t seen them post in a while and it says ADD FRIEND
Social media got 50yr old women sayin they’re single
I know my boyfriend look at me from behind and be like daaam she got no ass
I always had the juice I just sat my cup down don’t play with me
Never judge someone without knowing the whole story
It’s getting cold fellas so keep the peace if you aint on the lease
Can you multitask? me: yes I’m actually losing my shit and relaxing at the same time
Maybe I’m single maybe I fw my bd maybe I fw yo bd maybe it’s maybelline
Y’all ever laid on somebody stomach and heard the doo doo boiling in there
When you post your problems on social media
Today marks 5 years we’ve been in 2020
I need to stop acting like I’m afraid of my own power and start
When I say I wanna see your nails this what I mean
In New York we don’t say ‘make a u-turn’ we say ‘bussa youie’ and I think that’s beautiful
Oh cuz I thought a hoe who need another birthday candle said something

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