Ask a question about this photo I’ll go first why is she mixing her drink with a knife
I will fuck a bitch up with this
Me asking my abuelita if she can cook my favorite dish when she comes to visit
Today’s kids will never know how scary this episode was
Dear police we know you aren’t all bad but as you put it ‘ you fit a description
Sometimes I feel bad for not calling or checking up on people
Fuck sex can I just lay on you tell you how I don’t trust nobody including you
You don’t owe anyone anything, besides the same amount of respect they show you’
What’s song are they singing
My AirPods from wish came they better count their days
God please let me find $80,000 on the floor today
Yes this is your pussy yes ima cum for you but I still want you to ask me & tell
That back tooth watching you buy a Gucci belt
When you deep in her guts and she hit you with the squish squish squeeze throb combination
HR showing me on the cameras where I called out from the parking lot
Don’t ask me to adjust my a/c bring a blanket or a jacket
Sometimes you can’t always look for a reference you have to be one
Overcome rise above be intentional about your life
Every beautiful journey starts with a single step
When you realize she don’t give a fuck about you or your memes she just wanted some dick

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