This rapper weed y’all selling need a little bit more studio time
This nigga said ‘looks can be dis evening’ I deleted his ass dis evening
New York keep filling these pot holes with Oreo crumbs bitch we near cement
24 shots of henny in 8 minutes for Kobe
Church was good today I didn’t go but I rode by & heard them singing
This man just asked me who I go with bitch I go with the flow
Somebody woke up to a broken nigga this morning but it wasn’t me y’all be safe
Adonitology a religion where followers worship big curvy women’s butts
How do you stay so calm and levelheaded while everyone else is freaking out over the economy
Social media got y’all out here buying your body before you buy a house
Me waiting for my man to take his anger out on my pussy after hearing him lose the game
You disrespect yourself when you beg someone for bare minimum things like
Talking to me after you yelled at me
Why y’all clapping at 3am
I barely talk to anymore I be in my own lil world fr
When y’all done arguing and you ft bae and it says connecting
As much as I wanted that bond idc bout it no more be safe do you
It’s da package dat says chewy on it sir
Y’all be in a relationship with no dates no nothing
Nobody gets a job faster than a person who quit every job they get

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