I done bounced back from the worst shit trust me imma always be straight
Took a nap & had a dream I was at work that sht better be on my check too think
I’ve asked multiple people if they watched this they all asked what show it was was I the only one
Karma is going to hit some of y’all so hard for betraying people who had nothing but good intentions towards
We’re lucky COVID happened in 2020 imagine this happened in 2003 months in your house with a Nokia 3310 playing
A relationship where y’all work shit out instead of giving up
Liquor make me wanna fucc but you gotta hurry up before it make me wanna fight
Feeling safe in someone’s energy is a different type of intimacy that feeling of peace protection is really underrated
Bitches still hate me from 3 niggas ago sis I don’t even remember him
What you look at daily begins to manifest constantly so I’m just here to give you a little bit of
If you are positive you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles
A relationship where y’all work shit out instead of giving up
The eyes are useless when the mind is blind
Heavy on self improvement right now it’s really me vs me
If you ain’t got fully custody of your nigga stfu
Call me pussy but my arguing days are over enjoy your day baby
I think every girl is in a 3 person group chat with their closest friends
If my nigga lost it all today I could put him back on his feet before the day over
Ladies I don’t mean to get personal
Jus heard a blood nigga over 27 say the boronavirus ok i’m Tired

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