Karma is going to hit some of y’all so hard for betraying people who had nothing but good intentions towards
I’ll cashapp you 30$ if you never been in my inbox inbox your cashapp
Tag a family member you cannot sit next to at a serious event because they be clowning
The most dangerous game to play is resting your eyes in the morning after shutting off your alarm
Some people skip my post while I’m busy liking theirs we are all made from unprotected sex so stop acting
People will switch up on you in front of other people but need you in private
You got to know your worth even if it gets lonely for a little while
Things Have escalated I’ve gained a few lbs just wanted to let this be clear to everyone
God produced the cry before he produced the solution
Where do the strong people go to just break down and not deal with life anymore
I can’t even pick the right nigga how imma pick a president
After a certain age being messy is a sign of misery
Are u drinking lots of water today or do I have to spit in ur mouth
Fried chicken deviled egg smash or pass
I do not drink alcohol a drank licka
Everyone catching corona except the crack heads I hope crack ain’t the cure
Me I don’t know anything about plumbing though dad that’s fine just cut the water first
This photo is too beautiful not to be seen by everyone
I’ll never get over Avant starting his song saying every time I see you I get a bad vibe he
Don’t do me dirty & think yo life finna be all sweet told you I’mon one of god favorites &

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