I’ll never overplay my part again with anybody
You ever swallowed ya pride and called fat nigga
My kids better be funny AF I’m not spending 18 years fake laughing in my own house
Best thing I ever did was learn how to be my friend and separate myself
By the time I have kids strollers gone need gas
I really be having 500 things to do and I go lay down instead
Follow your passion be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams
New Orleans bounce music brings the energy
Dear black women
Imagine being from New York but not being from the Bronx
People be unfollowing me like I’m what’s holding them back in life
New York got the most materialistic broke people in the world
Heavy on self-care self-love & self growth right now
Wanna know why I win
Idgaf how heart broken I am I’m not sliding down a wall in slow motion
To the 98% of people who follow me but don’t talk to me who are you
When people drop me off at home and drive off before I get inside
You really let your dog sleep on the bed
The rumors are true
Dating a skinny guy cool until you roll down the window on the freeway and he fly out like a

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