Everything is closing so im about to open up a
Bitches look like this and swear they cute
Its always how was work never deja el Trabajo yo te Mantengo
Me tryna keep my good news to myself until its official
Yall be missing the principle of situations and think mfs be mad be mad for no reason
What do you interpret from this picture
I want someone to look at me & say damn thats mine & just be proud to have me
Since we cant go to the bar we bringing the bar too us
PSA please dont mistake black folks humor
Im like a mosquito except I dont stop sucking when you slap me
A meal made just for you niggas deep fried CAP
Young ma out here looking like Gina
Go disappoint the next bitch Im busy
Happiness is the real rush health is the real wealth
I got my covid 19 outfit from mail order today the fit pretty damned good too LMAO
Everything is closing so
I want someone to look at me &
Imma put alcohol in my slurpees all summer
A flat could never
George Washington hitting Trump with the whos mans is this is my favorite picture of the week


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