Me waiting for God to arrive in 2021 and end it all
Ladies would you allow your man to put you in this chair 🪑????
How introverts make friends they don’t an extrovert found them liked them and adopted them
Him pack your bags I’m coming to get you her standing outside with my bags
Just got a email, my stimmy coming from wish🙃
Sometimes you need yo feelings hurt so you can wake up and focus on you
I’m sure you can’t find the 4th object
“My boy over there want to talk to you”. My boy:
Self love gone save you everytime
These two companies made so much money off crack
When I gotta go to work again even though I just went yesterday
Once Rona over idgaf if bill Cosby serving drinks at R Kelly’s house I’m going
To me you are perfect
May her teeth fall out when she smiles at other niggas 😁 Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾
If y’all wanna be 40 getting a kid dressed for kindergarten then that’s on y’all
She said I never post us😂 here baby damn😩🙄
We buy crack houses and normal ones too 766-0887
Delete that old version of me in your head, it expired
Respect your body when it’s asking you for a break respect your mind when it’s seeking rest honor yourself when
If this was a album cover what would you Name it🤔

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