Every female has told her friend talk to him bitch he got money
Dominican moms at brunch like
I wonder if some females ever is sit back and think
You gotta be A special type of  bum ass nigga to call yourself…
Raise your hand if you in the mood to get your legs pinned back
I said I was selling dinners. I wonder why ain’t nobody showing up
You’ll meet her she’s very pretty even though sometime she’s sad
It’s 7 o’clock on the dot I’m eatin pork chops, chicken, and greens
Someone: I wanna get to know you Me:alright pick a category
You can’t play a person that’s genuinely fucking with you or looking…
This female got mad n said tag a mfeer who Pay my bills
Her: my left eye is jumping what does that mean
I don’t got time to be nobodies boyfriend I am marriage material
I’m too old to be worried about if Kiki loves Drake…
One day, you’ll look back on a risk you took and think…
When someone asks you why you and your ex broke up…
Happiness is sleeping in late on Sunday
If making you happy costs me my happiness I can’t afford you….
Can’t wait to be 21…
How extra are you going be when somebody hit your car…


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