When you genuinely a good person you can’t lose
Now that we older why was y’all letting niggas run trains on yall
Once you get a taste of a Scorpio others ain’t the same
I’m not making peace with nobody you knew life was short when you crossed me
1st thing fat ppl do after they fall is pull their shirt down
Don’t good baby you’re almost there a note to myself
I really give you hoes credit it isn’t easy keeping up with 8 different guys
Nigga repost a bunch of morals and codes they don’t live by
I’m either too interested or not interested at all no in between
I like niggas older so don’t tell me nothing about his past I was in daycare
Them pedicures be everything if you talk negative abt my feet I’m blocking you
My mom as a mom ‘no toys in the living room’ My mom as a grandma
When the problem asks you what the problem is
My problem is I wanna be spiritually evolved & beat people up too
I don’t mind period sex I’m her mozzarella stick she my lil cup of marinara
& if you gon fold bc you mad at me I don’t want it loyalty overrides emotions
Niggas make edibles out of anything nobody want some damn weed neckbones
Stick to the plan plan even if the mf u planned it wit switched up
Idgaf what you goin thru you not finna sit and drink my liquor faster than me
He got hoe written all over him but it’s okay I gotta eraser

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