We are all born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid
Post them five different niggas y’all talk to
How some of y’all look in y’all 5 look challenge
Thankful for who’s always been there for me
I know it’s not very lady like but I’ve always wanted to pistol whip somebody
Y’all gotta stop listening to the message and start paying attention to the messager
Arguably The greatest rapper of all time meets Tupac Shakur
Some you women need to be a mother for Halloween and treat your kids, you been tricking all year
New York man lying: word to my motha I never Fucked that girl bae
Stop acting like you happy with that Bumass man Good morning tho positive vibes only
Yall love acting spoiled By men y’all take care of
A man is supposed to be a provider, if you split the bills 50-50 with your man And y’all are
Toxic people can’t let you go but can’t treat you right either
Be safe tomorrow I want saw you guys out today
Why are you ain’t tell me you had a nigga? I’m shy
I hate texting come live with me
I love being solid because I never have to wonder if it was me or you
If your girl a hustler you win these hoes be fine, broke,  And begging
Mommy can I be a princess? you’re going to be this person and shut the hell up
I’m fine with being single I just be horny and bored

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