Don’t be scared to Rock alone
Burning an American city to the ground won’t bring back George Floyd
6 ways to support small businesses
Kicked me outta church bc I yelled fuck the devil I thought we hated this Nigga
If you ever feel like I’m gettin distant I learned my place with u
Don’t lie we all wanted this bedroom
Somewhere out there someone is tell your ex that you didn’t deserve them and your ex is agreeing with them
Imagine being a black cop during these times having to stand in front of other Black people rioting
Moms be trying to go easy on the last born like nah throw the tv at him like you did
AMC theaters face financial worry after it’s credit rating dropped due to the impact of COVID-19
I gotta be honest the worst looting I’ve ever seen take place happened a few weeks ago when corporations collected
Be sure not to interrupt America’s karma right now
The right person will make you fall in live with yourself too
America speaks two languages money and violence so either get your money up or weapons up
This the hardest fuck the police pic I seen my entire life
Jhene Aiko also said nobody hit since u hit it I haven’t seen a bitch quote that line yet
When the people in the trailer park get their stimulus checks
Ain’t no Mf’n way he passed a physical exam to become an officer
Chanel bags on deck nope I’m not selling shit I wanna fuck
Somebody said it was supposed to be a protest not a robbery

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