Brothers there are many reasons why fathers kill themselves
November been on my mind heavy
Do men ever get a ….
Y’all women stay trynna get money out of me before
Fuck sex can we go to the clinic together to show me you worth raw doggin
I’ve been looking at everyone’s cute pumpkins then came across this
I’m not arguing with anyone for the rest of the year
Where are you ? At my grandma’s send picture
I love being spoiled not with gifts or money
May I please have some coochie
Some where it’s a nigga getting ready to start a argument
The root word of leggings is leg why…
Some y’all need to spell coconut with that…
Her: he takes my breath away.friend:what’s wrong with being romantic
If I touched yo booty between 3rd and 8th grade I apologize…
Let’s argue
No kidding I’m recently single, too!
Niggas be dress like quavo asking for rides…
I heard what you did for a Klondike bar. Call me
My sex drive is high as hell if we dating and you wonder if…

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