When he’s testing the fuck outta you & your crazy B side
If you ain’t texting me or sending me messages like this
I wanna see something cool not a meme or a selfie
I love being spoiled not with gift or money
May I please have some coochie
Brothers there are many reasons why fathers kill themselves
If ya pussy trash you not sleeping with my pillows
Stop peeing in front of my child
When you google boondocks characters
You know yo life boring whe. You only wear work clothes and bed clothes
If white claw doesn’t come out with an eggnog flavor and
I’ve been doing it wrong all my life
Stop making that dumb face when you cum
Quite a few people have said my energy has changed
The worse person to owe is your child as soon as you
When you realize men ain’t trash and you’re the problem
If ya pussy trash you not sleeping with my pillows
After I swallowed two grams and poured out my drank
Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed

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