Ima tell my kids that this was Tamar Braxton
Imma tell my kids this was lil Nas X
Best part about thanksgiving
Please be careful two white males jumped out of this Van trying to get me
When you in the shower and you smell yo macaroni and cornbread burnin D.A. fuck up
Ima tell my grandkids this T.i & Tiny
Thanksgiving we’ll eat when everybody get here at 12 noon
It’s almost 2020 y’all gone stop tryna sell these 1996 Hondas for 3,500
Imma tell my kids this Marty and Alex from Madagascar
Imma tell y’all kids this was Harriet Tubman
Start this union job today great pay let me get to work
Why are they stirring macaroni at 1 am
How you look when you accept her friend request at 12:03 pm
Ladies when you order that outfit from a magazine
When you could of had the time of your life but you got drunk as fuck
What in the EBT photoshoot, Section 8 picture day project magazine centerfold
I find this extremely odd you can turn these emojis black but not these
Imma tell my kids this was Malcolm X
I deserved sex this morning but whatever
Trick or treat bag for the sexy moms that come to my door with

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