Imma tell my kids this Gabriella union
Idc, my kids, your kids, they kids, his kids, her kids. If they in my sight, I’m watching out no
It was the night after Christmas and not a head was no sew in was finished not even a bun
How you holding up? Sheeeeit you know taking it one day at a time
Lace front damage is affecting millions of African American women world wide
America can accept a transgendered person who changed their sex but not a felon
Family dollar look me right in the eyes and sold me this narrow Mfka
2020 smells like a bunch of black millionaires
When they cut the light on in the club and you see what you been grinding on all night
My poop waiting for me to flush while I browse on my phone
Have you ever just wanted to text a mf & be like we need to Fuck
No matter how many cars you see me in I don’t get bring me my car texts
Morals values integrity loyalty character where did that shit go
Don’t feel bad my baby father put make up on his face
Everybody posting “Imma tell my kids this was”
Wtf is this a crip lunchables
Imma tell my kids this is the show two and a half men
Imma tell my kids this r Kelly we can’t take no chances
Imma tell my kids this was Cardi B
You before you knew what dis dick do vs you after you know what dis dick do

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