If your man cheats on you don’t post all men are cheaters post
Black man deserves love that don’t require paying your bills first read it again
I’m going to tell my kids this is Jadakiss
Morals values integrity loyalty character where did that shit go
I’m telling my kids this was biggie smalls and puff daddy
Gunna tell my kids this was the White House
For men who sit in the car while their woman pumps gas
When dad is in charge of elf on the shelf
When you start seeing this that mean W2s on they way
When someone who owes you money goes on vacation
You need to start asking questions Dave
A lot of people have the wrong idea about me and I have no desire to clear shit up
Nigga got on some ice cream sandwich 5’s, sweet potato 8’s, air graham crackers, hot pocket 1’s
Practicing my prison photos cause people be testing me lately
Pastor pep T bimsol
The decade challenge everyone needs to be concerned with
My homies baby momma turned into a stud now and he be mad af when I say Toya baby daddy
Who you kissing on New Years?
Niggas cheat because in house pussy be harder to get then outside pussy
I don’t swallow often but when I do honey it’s no child left behind

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