I am giving free bad advice today ask me anything
Lack of consistency will result in a lack of interest
If his dick start your period early lower your voice when talking to him
All of these plates are flipped upside down except one once you see that one they’ll all be right side
One thing fa should and two things fa certain, if I can’t share it ima steak it Bihhh
Me trying to monitoring the thing I left in God’s hands
Don’t jump in my inbox if you’re in a relationship unless you got hush money
No offense I’m kinda glad we only live once because I can’t do this shit again
His man’s yo bro you trynna me he good bum enjoy
Everyone’s got to play a part
Alot of you woman be  acting like you so in love with homeless animals but nobody took me home
Mummy hustler
Ladies u meet a guy and when he brings u to his spot his room looks like this what ya
When my friends gas my ugly ass up so I can drive to the club cause they don’t have cars
Excuse me sir could you NO I CAN NOT TEACH YOU THIS KAMEHAMEHA THING why do you kids keep asking
Don’t ask me no dumb shit bro
My momma said y’all have to play with me
Struggles are required in order to survive in life because in order to stand up you gotta know what falling
Girls running back to the same guys who aren’t shit and will break their heart
Somebody gone appreciate my ass one day

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