Imma put alcohol in my slurpees all summer
A flat could never
George Washington hitting Trump with the whos mans is this is my favorite picture of the week
This what I mean when I wanna watch with bae
Everybody thinks I play too much but deep down I wanna play even more
Girls ive been showing him signs that I like him the signs
lil Kim should have stopped right here lol smh
I fall in love in 30 minutes please leave me the fuck alone if you serious
When they are fresh out of pigs feet
There is no room for unsupportive friends & family in 2020
Im this old raise your hands if you remember this
When she stops bouncing on your dick and starts doing that grinding thing that only feels good to her
Every time I get pissed the old me & the new me start beefing about how to handle the situation
Anybody else grew up eating this
This is such a deep deep memory I almost cant tell if its real
Some men do deserve the world not you tho keep on scrolling you hoe ass nigga
This is the only way steak should be cooked and eaten
Stainless 3 in 1 jail toilet good condition these go for 800 used regular need to get rid of it
Spent to much time chasing others in their dreams I forgot to chase my own
How many of yall knew that Grace and Bishop Noel Jones were brother and sister

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