My mask broke in the store today and I felt like my titty popped out
The real dangers of marijuana
Having a nigga post you is like saying y’all this the bitch I be cheating on
If you built like this you can’t charge no $40
Leonardo da Vinci was 7’5
Yell out here trusting people y’all took from someone else
Dear god idc if I end up lonely or friendless keep removing and revealing
If you’re single just have patience your soulmate is almost done with those divorce papers
Show me a nigga that can leave his phone around his girl unlock because he ain’t doing nothing I’ll wait
Shit be so pointless coulda stayed strangers
I felt Mickey Mouse when he said cum inside it’s fun inside
You gotta be a bold somebody to get up every morning & throw on 3 fake chains
Just do right by ppl
Oh I can’t wait to put my daughters first boyfriend in the trunk
My knees after carrying around this good dick all day
I’m da type person who fall back asleep to try n finish a dream
Girls not entertaining multiple niggas rn wyd
You know you’re fucked when their voice turns you on
I found someone that I want to annoy for the rest of my life
Bitches be like wait till my birthday and be ugly

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