Me rescuing my man after he’s drowned in my pussy
How dudes argue with their girl when they know she got hands
What is the correct way to eat these ramen noodles like for dry share for soup trying to prove a
This how my phone look at me when its on 2% but I’m too lazy to go charge it
Some of us matured early because life showed us the worst side of the world at a early age
Come on smile for the lady 
Lady lovely ducklings mothergoose lovely purse 
Can I borrow some money for their feed 
Trying to explain the first time you got an orgasm 
What you had her thrice in a go 
How you look camping outside for some Jordan at the age of 30 
When someone asks if you have an Android charger
I never do this on the first date, but also her
Bitches be so ‘he was in my inbox‘ he be texting me’ ‘we fucked’  like damn baby that it
Only reason I was behind in life is because I was helping everybody but myself it’s all about me now
I love you, you’re probably thinking you don’t even know me but if people can hate for no reason I
Big Pharma first Adderall meeting, Meth but for children
When my friends tell me that they’re worried about me because they take I have hit rock bottom
Me after hitting a curb and drive it off like nothing happened
Maybe I want a man? A man says hi

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