I’m chubby because I have money to eat whenever & whatever tf I want
The reason ima get blessed in the end is cause I don’t do people how they do me
Yo what’s the cheat code for a stable relationship
I don’t date I elevate
And I’m saying this with all of the NY in me
Sometimes you need to stop seeing the good in people and start seeing what they show you
I need everybody that don’t like me to get together and figure out WTF y’all gone do about it
I hate when people say it’s all in your head no bitch
I’m scared to shoot my shot yall screen shotting MFKAS saying hey
I just wanna apologize to people I called old at 30 when I was 18
Take care of who take care of you
I told her I would suck her like a crab legs so she won’t go back to her oldbay
Behind every bad bitch is a car seat
Ima be the family member that move out of town & never come back
Fellas she might not cheat but she damn sure know who got next after you
I want a relationbike cause a ship hold too many mfs on that bitch
In relationships I live by this quote
Sometimes when things are hard we just need our friends to be there even if they can’t fix our problems
Seems to me the ones screaming keep it 100 the loudest are the main ones that keep it about 47%
What time home deepthroat close tonight

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