I cant be around people who think my growth is competition
I just had a chick use a pickup line on me that made me wanna marry her
Imma just get gas in the morning
The most useless signs in America right now
When someone tickles your neck
How to properly get over a break up
When you wake up realizing that you have 4 minutes to get
When you want to punch someone in the face but you know theyll file charges
Check out this majestic cake from LeNovelle Cake
Woke up for work like here we go again with this shit
Do you run yes out of patience fucks and money
Your music is too ghetto
How I sleep
Money cant buy happiness but im happiest when I can buy whatever I want
Let me kill off all this baby fever on my TL
My future partner is probably texting their lover right now
Me when I realized the kids are probably headed home for a 24 day weekend
Do you see the impact you have
Go disappoint the next bitch im busy
I once dated a girl who was a nurse


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