When you fully understand the meaning of your mother name 
Hustlers don’t hear the word no it translates to
When you don’t want to fuck up your new child molester 7’s
Keep this in mind next time you grab a hand rail
The look when you open your door and finds the visitor is your dream girl 
When you and bae get home off henny at 3am 
Nah nigga she ain’t even a thot she a thought 
Snoop dog out here looking like the Black M Bison 
When you ask for a picture of your kid but your baby mother still misses you 
We all have that one friend where you need to say be nice before 
Me at work vs me at home 
According to leakers the floating island will create volcanic masses
When you need help seasoning…..
I’ve given you a thousand chances how many you want
This has gotta be a white man’s grill this meat is perfectly seasoned with imagination and hope 
I thought you broke up with me
Loot lake island is on the move
Me as soon as the temperature drop below 70 and I feel a breeze
When you come at him with attitude and he shut you down real quick
So nobody gone turn Stevie the right direction


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