I gave you the nigga & you still stalking my page what you want sister an outfit
Sometimes you gotta snatch a bitches lashes off so she can see where you coming from
Just spent 13 days looking for my iPad
How girls with one baby daddy act
Almost disowned my son sending me this shit talking about look what I can do
What in the Mcfuck are these
When you deadass but you also literally cannot even
You ever checked your card & that mf like
I got my nigga the best gift money can buy
I don’t got time to be nobody’s boyfriend I’m marriage material
Got everything he ever wanted but still wanna do good shit meet Tariq at Patrick from Canarsie
You stopped scrolling didn’t you I like sweet potatoes too
Nip said no pain worst than realizing the one you’re in love with was sent to teach you a lesson
Nipsey said once you cost me my peace you got to go you costing too much
Girls out here with no ass and a fucking beer belly claiming they’re thick nah
Her fussing means she fighting to stay, her silence means she’s ready to leave
Alright guys question for you all what in the world it says it’s for guys I’m just waiting on all
A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men
If it ain’t about a check then why you calling my phone
Sometimes you just have to remove people without warning we’re getting too old to be explaining what they already know

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