2020 I’m not arguing with no women that look like she snuck on earth
On some real humble shit the grass is greener whatever I’m at
ATMs be having $4 withdrawal fees talking about cover your pin mf  you the thief
I tried to fake sleep so my company could leave, this MF took a nap too
If you fight in the war we’ll erase your criminal history
Her: You better not cum
Am I starting off on the right foot with you hoes?
Happy 53rd bday to the one and only king of rnb R Kelly
Gonna tell my kids this was daft punk
While we’re out let’s stop by Walmart
When you had dreams of being a chef but you got three felonies
He threw a piece of bread at me so I flipped his dumbass over fuck dem kids
I let my husband label the spices and this happened
This person posts a lot of bullshit memes & these people encourage this behavior
Ya eyebrows should NOT be the size of kfc potato wedges
It’s like Jim Jones goes to get his hair braided and says when you’re done brush it
You see what happens when you in a rush to be in somebody business
Not exactly sure what happened in my living room but I feel this is the proper time to talk about
Pain will teach you a lesson, pride won’t let learn
I fall in love with personalities & vibes not looks and money

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