I suck a beak ups 6mins later I’m texting so you gone leave me like my dad did
I don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need anything from amazon today
It smells like lies and entanglements outside must be Virgo season
Put her vibrator on the highest mode and make her hold it in her clit
What is missing from this photo
The cloth that some of you all are cut from I wouldn’t wipe my ass with
Cus why ima beg you when it’s niggas out her begging me
Stop making me cut off my hoes if you’re not gonna be serious
Niggas be spending 2,000 to look good for a bitch who gone fuck me cuz I’m funny
Fuck sex nigga you ate
This isn’t the to get caught up in short term pleasures
Fellas all these women come with problems
I know my ex’s see me and be like I hate that sexy mfer
Never underestimate how far a jealous person will go to destroy you
Watch how I boss up these next couple months
As long as you move with love you’ll never lose
Fellas all these women come with problems, you just got to pick the one you can live forever with
In relationships to get what you want you must be clear about what you want and only get involved with
Me watching my food heat u in the microwave
Where the fuck is my birth certificate

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