I told my momma my friends…
I’ve been a blessing to a lot….
Niggas with watch gangster movies…
Too solid to cheat….
Trump goes way to far 🤣🤣😂
Idk what I would do what about you
…and still ate it lay down
Her vs. me curfew…..
Sometimes the damns don’t work you gotta be like bye
If a nigga confident in his product…
When you’re in public and your lashes…
May her pussy never become wet….
Girls who wore these as teenagers…
If 30 minutes is to far…
…she’s gonna start a relationship with your permission
Good people do get treated the worst
NY mosquitoes be tearing me up
I need peace so we gonna have some piece around here
When she starts getting a little
And will not say what he in there for


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