Put a mask on you’re putting my health at brisk
Bitches be like my pussy talk Birkin louie Prada Chanel when they pussy really say many men many many many many men
You niggas ain’t worth a got damn VCR player let alone that PS5
You only playa if you can be honest & still get what you want
Take him on dates satisfy him motivate him build with him make him feel special cause he ain’t getting that PS5
Keep it private ppl love to ruin things
A woman will do anything for a man she loves but will do even more for the man that loves her back
The ability to sit down with another person and talk for hours about anything is more attractive to me than anything else
Sitting in your car outside of your house is self care I can’t explain it but if you know you know
How pretty can you be me
I got my wine my netflix who knows what’s missing
Y’all ever fucked someone & gave them advice for their relationship right after
I hate smokin with a MF who got strong fingers Big why my blunt neck broke
Black girls x gloss is elite
You only stressing cause you not giving up a weak mf woulda been folded
How old were you when you found out you can take screenshots by tapping the apple logo on the back of your iphone
My best work is still inside of me I can almost reach it my longest finger can almost touch it I have more growing to do first tho it’s uncomfortable
My mom so toxic the whole house jumped this nigga and he back
My problem is 1 Lil argument & ion really see no future with us nomore
So u deadass dont feel me thinkin bout u

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