I can’t believe a tiny sperm can turn into one big toxic ass ungrateful ass bad stroke ass fat shoe
When you in bed and hear her drunk ass coming home and yelling that dick better be up
You need to let people in
When you forgot your phone in Bae’s car and now you waiting on him to drive back and beat yo
This is how my face looks under my mask cause I can’t breathe
You got it appreciate the people who love you for free
When you pissed tf off but that blunt finally kick in
Some of you are sleeping on skills and talents that can make you a millionaire wake up
Some people visit my past more than I do I don’t live there anymore baby
If I tell you to leave while we arguing and you leave Imma follow you outside and be yo ass
Who invented these type of blinds just want to talk
Bout my brother I’ll shake the block
I promise to trust my process in its entirety
If I fuck with you it’s for a reason
Teachers are used to really have beef with me like bro I’m 12
Spotted in Chicago
All Jordans and iPhones aside who all got they own crib with Wi-Fi
A lot of women aren’t used to men genuinely caring about them
Had a great time at Six Flags died at least four times but hands-down wonderful time
Kids don’t even say dookie head no more they just call you a bitch

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