The last time people were excited to see me
Just heard a mfer at the dmv say since my license suspended don’t touch my fucking organs
Does a man need to consult his woman before shaving his beard
When you see each other at the same place after the break up
Imagine being born because yo mama needed $40
Bro nobody can convince me that this not evil Dave Chappell
Never coming to this woman house again
Keeenen ivory wayans the first black man to put his entire family on
How N.Y. Nigga see the US
I’m gonna tell my kids this is the new day
A $44.50 toll to go to Washington DC these people are crazy
Dear tax time ballers they can’t repo your new tattoo hit me up for an appt
if you aint texting me or sending me messages like this i dont even want you in my life delete
Me listening to my family downstairs talking shit about me
Somebody finally turned 50 cent into the messy woman he really is
This person posts a lot of bullshit memes & these people encourage this behavior
If a bedbug was a person
For those of you who wonder what’s it like to need glasses/contacts
Women that look like this be tryna fight everybody
Just seen someone post this on Facebook for fuck sake

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