Without a gun most y’all niggas pussy
You can fuck up a whole bond by lying to a mf u could’ve kept it real with
Summer is almost over
If you hang out with me for Too long I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can
If you broke broke we can’t be friends
Somebody need to hear this
Sometimes you have to give people exactly what they looking for
When I see a meme I like
I’m so at peace I don’t even want any revenge
He’s just trying to fly you out because it’s cheap right now sis stay woke
Life holds no punches I pray to God I can keep getting up good morning
I hate eating out with people who give waiters a hard time
Who else damaged ass always think some sneaky shit going on
I never deleted messages just in case a MF wanna lie about July 23rd 1862
Bitch this is my last time taking you to the right man
Nobody cares how you feel until you make them feel how they made you feel
Six figures is only $274 today
I ride my own way ain’t a soul out here I want to be like
I’m single and not looking we can go on vacation though
Why every time I get in the shower I start hearing MFS breaking inna crib

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