Trick or treat bags for the sexy mom’s that come to my door w
Morals values integrity loyalty character where did that shit go
It’s like Jim Jones goes to get his hair braided and says when you’re done brush it
Chocolate, oatmeal, lemon, coconut cookies all the meomories
Who would’ve been the best had it not been for injury
Someone said a lot of people struggle with sleep because sleep requires peace
As I get older the more I start to realize what a great job my parents did raising me because
Don’t let this be you tomorrow night waiting for him to come from the studio
When you see a comma in your bank account
Me sneaking into the kitchen with no pants on at 2:24 am to eat shredded cheese ​
When you spent 300 Valentine’s Day gifts and her period come
Just eat your food it’s not that hot, the food:
When you know someone is lying to you but you can’t say anything
Name one thing in this photo
Travis Scott featuring lil Wayne
Who night stand was looking like this last night? Lol don’t lie
People always seem to forget them when shouting out long time married beautiful black couples
Be an adult men’s relationships that you find valuable don’t let
I hate being in a Spanish household they gave me soda in a cup that use to be a fucking
You are going to be in such an amazing place financially and spiritually this year

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