My dick probably think …
When she said she’s a squirted
I want a king that will be ….
Mom’s vs kid’s
You look like you lost weight ….
Imagine you’re traveling and opening your passport…
Dads vs sons …..
I need some sort of away message for texts …..
Y’all better eat yo girl pussy before …
it’s easy as 1 2 3
An eye opener..
I see the tax jokes slowing down …
Sending love to everyone who’s trying …
If I can’t bring nothing to the table, I’m not sitting down until I can
I can’t feel my right arm I gotta pee she is sleeping peacefully I’m a hostage at this point
who pussy is this band me my panties because you worried about the wrong about the wrong shit
You be IGHT how black people comfort you after you share some personal shit you went through
Fuck some sex can we rob them niggas in ya inbox
Once I find out you got a boyfriend BITCH grams are $70
My lil brother said dating A Taurus is worse than driving one


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