Sade vs. Anita baker
Someone can love you desperately with their feelings and still not know how to love you correctly with their actions
Don’t let racism get you punched in the face
if a nigga can bag you from jail you need to be in that mfka too
She broke he broke the whole relationship no cents
A moment of silence for all the Facebook friends I’ve lost because of the stuff I post
I’m from NY where domestic violence is a requirement for an apartment
Single mom pussy be so fire you be in the mall like I think these will fit little Chris
Don’t ask if I gotta big dick you hon suck wateva dick I got in stock
Guess who getting cheated on
Bitches get they heart broke & start dating anybody tf is you doin wit a Mexican
Pornhub lying again Ain’t nobody 2.5 miles away from me dying to fuck because I checked
WAP what about prosecuting sgt. Jonathan mattingly.
Stick to the plan
Bitch did all that nasty shit & think she finna block me who phone I can use
Bitches be looking for they panties after sex bitch I ate them too the fuck
I’m in NY where crackheads have their on aPT and the drug dealers don’t
Y’all not bold name a ex you cheated on
Y’all be switching boyfriends like y’all switch drawls
Good pussy will have u hitting her homegirls like big sis she with u

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