Fellas get dressed it’s bitches with money outside
Flight depart at 10 Black people at 10:05
If ah pussasshoe cud nevaa was a person
Can y’all let some new women get pregnant it be the same 11 ppl
Deleting my mom picture from my profile picture my man is thirsty
When that round two just ain’t gonna happen
When a Pisces take a selfie
Drinking with me not recommended very toxic will blackout
A woman will text you goodnight and text the next Nigga open the door
When you say bar remember when and she say wrong bitch then you remember she really is the wrong woman
First day on the job they asked me if I smoked I said Yea manager said good go roll the
A passport is a requirement in this relationship you not about to Miami and Atlanta me to death
I would like to purchase a different question
When you watched from your crib last night what that mouth do
I’m not giving no more crackheads rides
I wanna be 14 again and ruin my life differently I have new ideas
If yo girl walk out like this on her girls night out wyd
Before Snapchat and Instagram was around, this is where you showed off your shoes or outfit
The worse person to owe is your child
After I swallowed two grams and poured out my drank smh

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