Hey yo you single hold up I’m still looking at your pictures nah I’m taken
No point to prove..  Just kids to raise & goals to reach💪🏾 👑
Has anyone else lost track of time lately one minute it’s Monday and the next minute it’s Friday then you take a shower and get out and it’s Sunday again
Yea I’m bout to move
Silkk the Shocker VS Nick Cannon next verzuz battle 🤣🤣🤣 who y’all got??
Clothes & shoes does not symbolize that you are on your shit
Once I’m fucked up about you it’s over. You the crack and I’m the crackhead. 😂😂
Since bars are closed who wants to go drink 4loko in the woods for old times sake
If you eat at Olive Garden thinking it’s an upscale restaurant please don’t worry about Bidens tax plan.
I don’t have many friends and that’s a personal choice. We can be cool but to be my friend you must be solid.
If Brown cheat on Cora just take me to the king.😩
” Are you single or taken?”           Taken, taken a long ass break from you lying ass hoes.. leave me alone
My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills.
I will not be the bigger person this year I’m on whatever you on
I asked myself was I crazy & we all said no.
Ps5 this and Ps5 that. You niggas need to get a car 😂😂
This kid was born with a suspended drivers license
Them: ” Why do you love blk women so much?”
Stop giving so much of you so quick. Make a MF earn you!
I really really reallllly want to plan a dope ass cabin trip with some fun ass ppl.

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