Fuck racism fuck COVID-19 fuck animal abusers and fuck them Dallas Cowboys
Can I get 30 hot wings
Who the fuck is that guy
Oh cuz I thought We heard mojo say sum
Please get ur own view of me, cause people be lying, hating and hurt
As soon as I Detoxed from toxic ppl my life started  to flourish again
I’m black every day but on Juneteenth I’m gonna be blackity black black
The hell yeah I like crab legs
Me going to bed when the sun starts to come up
And she drives you crazy every day but you know damn well nobody else got you like she got you
Every time someone asks me how I am I say I’m good because what you gonna do if I’m not
Just because I love myself and think I’m the shit doesn’t mean I think I’m better than you
I’m looking for people who are interested in turning $100 to $4000 this is not a pyramid scheme
Be kind to people
Only in a Hispanic family a five year old is a Uncle
That first dip in some WAP
My next relationship is either gonna be my last relationship or first murder charge b/c y’all gonna quit playing me
These taste different like they have The same mom but different daddies
I got screenshots that shut down and respiratory system
Y’all don’t appreciate Facebook comedians like y’all should we risk relationships, get blocked, and shit just to make y’all smile

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