According to leakers the floating island will create volcanic masses
When you need help seasoning…..
I’ve given you a thousand chances how many you want
This has gotta be a white man’s grill this meat is perfectly seasoned with imagination and hope 
I thought you broke up with me
Loot lake island is on the move
Me as soon as the temperature drop below 70 and I feel a breeze
When you come at him with attitude and he shut you down real quick
So nobody gone turn Stevie the right direction
Can anyone say the same
God will provide stop stressing complaining and worrying
Everybody following about 2 or 3 people they fucked back in the day
Here’s the thing about people with good hearts
Be willing to walk alone many alone many who started with you won’t finish with you
She’s your girlfriend she suppose to be
This nigga built like a Charlie horse
If I got to buy my own uggs this year aint nobody  getting no coochies period
If her nails cost $65, give her 66,50 she might want a black
Would you be a stay at home dad if your wife was making 12 million 
Everyone knew that one weird kid in the class that would run down the hallway like this


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