When you in the holding cell waiting to get booked
My sister told me that I remind her of our grandmother and that was the realest most fire thing anyone
Cant nobody tell me how I should feel towards anything I’m not you & you not me
If a girl hug my man and they rock side to side Ima rock they ass
My mouth too slick for a weak nigga I’ll call you mama a crackhead then wanna lay up bae I
My confidence so high cheating on me will shock me more than hurt me lmfaooo like bitch are you crazy
H*es hang w/ anybody
Do whatever makes you happy the days aren’t coming back
A bxtch gon kill herself tryna bother me cause baby I think everything funny
Ass grabbing is an important part of every relationship
Babe are you okay you’ve barely touched your sonic limited edition curry
Weedman I’m about to go pick my son up from daycare me I already picked him up were you want
If you wanna be happy don’t take stuff personal let stuff go let people be focus on you your mental
Right after a new yorker says respectfully they’re about to say some disrespectful shyt
We are all born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid
Post them five different niggas y’all talk to
How some of y’all look in y’all 5 look challenge
Thankful for who’s always been there for me
I know it’s not very lady like but I’ve always wanted to pistol whip somebody
Y’all gotta stop listening to the message and start paying attention to the messager

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