We both toxic but that’s ok cause two negatives make a positive
How many black owned businesses in the mall
2020 is like the side bitch that fell in love reckless & unpredictable
If there’s a riot in New York do we gotta wear timbs or black air forces
Stop telling me about all those old men
5G+COVID-19+Race war=NWO Agenda 2020
If you meet a girl that admits she’s wrong apologizes and changes her way dump her because that might be
I hate when my kids make me turn my music down to me some stupid ass shit
Everything I know I learned on the streets
If 2020 was a sandwich
Look at her pops straight after work
Russia’s Putin declares a state emergency after a massive oil spill in a river inside the Arctic Circle
I’m buying this over priced ice cream for the rest of my life
Niggas would let a video game stress them out as soon as I do it it’s a problem
Remember in Mario kart when you thought you were in first place but then you realize you were looking at
People who back into parking spots think they better then everybody
I think it’s important to realize you can miss something but not want it back
I can only show you real but I can’t make you appreciate it
I applaud a nigga who all about Their girl & not embarrassing her by fuckin wit these hoes y’all are
I’m nice but I’m an asshole but my heart big af but I care sometimes but fuck everybody if that

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