Bruh go get the pistol hurry up
Day 284 without sex went jogging in flip flops just to remember the sound
bitches with lil Tiddies be buying them expensive ass bras when they can just do dis
Rihanna and her look alike who do you think is the real Rihanna one or two
My mom once said to me I can tell you over & over to leave the situation but you won’t
I’m fucking dead look what my son said
What you want Fam, I need a place to stay
My auntie mad asf cause I used her prayer oil to fry my hot wings yesterday what a blessed meal
Unlock me ant let’s be toxic one more time
Him </strong>😩😫🤕😞<strong> I got you baby
Y’all niggas get y’all W2 from the police station yet
When you see a status that says eight comments but you can only see three blocked lives matter
Fellas get dressed it’s bitches with money outside
Flight depart at 10 Black people at 10:05
If ah pussasshoe cud nevaa was a person
Can y’all let some new women get pregnant it be the same 11 ppl
Deleting my mom picture from my profile picture my man is thirsty
When that round two just ain’t gonna happen
When a Pisces take a selfie
Drinking with me not recommended very toxic will blackout


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