Break up with me and this how I’m leaving your cabinets spaghetti o’s or carrots good luck bitch
If she put it in you then you don’t have to worry bout pulling out that’s her responsibility now
A woman who brings back money is a woman you can believe in
Having a man dig inside your mind before he did in your guts is a different type of intimacy
Wyd lookin for new nigga wyd lookin for a new glock to smoke his ass with lmao I’m dead asf
Her I love a romantic good nigga me
Can’t do double dates cause I compete so if a dude kiss his girl I’m eating mine out
Did it hurt when u fell from the vending machine cuz u a snack
Niggas will good morning beautiful you to death spice it up a lil bit man wassup big beaded bitch might
Busting his tires & windows is played out take his transmission sis
We will talk about hairline later where are the ears at
Time to get that checked out
Today is the day to get out any vote
You’re weak if you let somebody put something in your ear to poison your loyalty to someone that’s been real
Heal & move on you have things to do you cannot sit in that’s dark place forever
When you cheated on ya girl 72 times then find out a male coworker held open a door for her
Three things to keep private every fucking thing
Drive thru corner stores
My phone my king his phone (758)520-3040
Once you learn to kick it by yourself no one can fuck with your vibe that’s some next level self-love

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