CDC says you’re 82% more likely to catch these hands than COVID
That one time you didn’t even see Beyoncé
When was the last time you seen all 50 states do anything together
Complete bullshit would not recommend
I need a nasty ass vacation after this virus
Until one of them shows you consistency date all of them
Here’s an example of how white privilege sounds
When you mess up own up to it apologize for it learn from it and never do it again
When you single nobody wants you
Since y’all pussy so good tag 2 references
Name sign nastier than a Libra I’ll wait
Stop telling black kids with great intellect they act white
you know why kids don’t listen because their dads don’t listen either
Crazy woman Test ride by his house or sit outside
Eye test
America is mad at black people for saying black lives matter
Take full accountability for your loss
Don’t open your mouth for black dick and keep it closed on black issues
All I’m saying is if someone murdered my son whoever’s involved in dying Idc
Whoever’s readn this I hope u double tf up & stunt on whoever doubted you

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