Bitches be like Miami or Dubai & end up in jail for prostitution
My Uber driver ain’t even playing with dis corona shit
Your dick when that condom burst
When men in my inbox ask for pics this what I send they ass lmfao no chill this year FOH
Wendy Williams son looks just like him
This how chicks be looking on the train when they thought you was paying the cab back home
Of course I struggle I just don’t quit or tell people my business
When you forget to thank the E 1 and his wife for their service
Let settle this debate for once and for all which is the big joker
What do you think little mans name is
When H&R Block asks if you have any dependents
I love jail talk my man getting me a helicopter and a unicorn
Dre gonna pop up on the next episode like you gotta get me out man I need to see my
Imma tell my kids this was lil Kim
Gonna tell my kids this was woody from toy story
Gonna tell my kids this was nicki and Lil Wayne
I’m gonna tell my kids this is big g from backyard
They even hold your hand
How old were you when you found out that owls have long legs
Trusting people Very ghetto would not recommend


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