Open Discussion: Do men stick with a female while she tryna better herself 🤔🤔
Y’all gone get cradle cap wearing reach other wigs and shit
Do right by me and imma be in your corner for life lover or friend
Stop giving so much energy to the things that weakens your spirit the people and the things they do to trigger you we play a big part in our own pain by continuing to allow it
Whatever your dream is, every extra penny you have should be going to that.
May he accidentally say my name when he try to fuck someone else😇🙏🏾 AMEN
My grandpa’s favorite jacket burned last year so I got him a new one
Do right by me and imma be in your corner for life lover or friend
Ma, she just wanna apologize before we go, she ain’t mean to say ” colored greens”
A calm person is so attractive a person who doesn’t yell when they are upset who brings peace and ease instead of anxiety and stress
Guess who’s getting cheated on? Not me, I’m single, enjoy the rest of y’all day
You want a nigga to spoil you you gotta be there on the days he ain’t able to
Look at the bottom left corner
See your goal understand the obstacles create a positive mental picture clear your mind of self doubt embrace the challenge stay on track show the world you can do it
The niggas y’all think getting money… be owing the niggas y’all think are broke! #Facts
You pull up on your young daughter what’s your next move
” A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in “
Now a days bitches just want to fuck the shit out of you & be your friend
Fat girl head is better than skinny girl head y’all bitches ain’t hungry enough
Pretend you are 11 this is your YouTube search bar let’s goo

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