You ain’t gotta be my peace but you damn sure ain’t…
I bounce back from every situation…
Them sex flashbacks be hitting you like…
I hate it when I’m flying…
When my girl makes me angry, I look at her…
When u fart after he dun nutted in yo bootyhole
A romantic night cap would be everything now
This nigga got on 1984 birthday girl sandals
Niggas be like you got some IB-pro-friend
Mexicans drink 15 beers 5 tequila shots and sniff coke
Be the bigger person I can’t I’m only 5’3
Mexicans be like my number is…
Her: baby I need 600 by the 1st
When I hear people talking shit about me
I’m from New York so if you asking me…
Truck pulls up, you….
You can only choose one
Peeing after sex be like
Apart from it’s okay which other death threats do women use
Climate protest in cologne


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