I’m not perfect but a lot of good shit come with me
It’s starting to get ‘oh nahh’ outside
We cannot lay up broke that shit is nothing romantic we gotta get the bag too
us guys be Swearing we done with a woman, I done lied on my momma & shit
I love  irregular Texter cause there’s a mutual understanding between us that it’s Okay to text back five days
When you almost died trying to take a dump but this is all you managed
Today’s raining symbolize a fresh start for cleansing happy November
Give credit when is due but don’t applaud a fish for swimming
Be careful who you let in your life.. People will come and drain the shit out of you.. Then leave
When your girl starts picking up on your habits so now she’s a mini version of u
We grown I ain’t lying to nobody about shit
Damn it look like yo got blew up by uh dynoooo miteeee
I wasn’t hiding my child from the world I was hiding him from Rasheeda
Don’t tell me I’m working to much and you’re not even where you want to be in life
Which song is better the weekend, medicine or boo up
Our family is going through some stuff without going into much detail we’re asking for players and drug money
Distract her babies 
Dumps gatorade on bae after sex good game
Anyone know of a good job for someone who hates people
When you go back for that second bowl of captain crunch and you don’t care about the roof of your

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