Wake up and remember who the fuck are
The problem is we start our day on cellphones not on our knees
If we’re talking and working on being in a relationship together then you shouldn’t be talking to nobody else on
When you’re in the middle of storming Area 51 and a ratchet sex alien makes you clap her cheeks
I had to do it
Black people will put comet in their tub and walk away from it like it’s seasoning
Introducing new Trojan condoms for women to filter out and protect you from all the fucking lies he be tellin
Baby Selena quintanilla bidibidibombom
Alright fellas let’s settle this once and for all where is the correct zone to pee
I asked this bitch why her wedding ring on the wrong hand
It’s already August so here’s an update on all the fun and crazy things
You cannot have a 187 mouth…
Value your peace
My favorite Cologne is gàs by Dè Drúg Dèèla
Dis da hood-est shit I done seen in a while
My mom is so dang dramatic I don’t even know how to get in the tub
I hope nobody don’t think I’m losing sleep over them cause I be knocked tf out
Gone too soon homie just in case Iran check my timeline
When you FaceTime her and she trying to look cute without filters
Somebody said this what Samuel Jackson looked like as a kid


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