Pretend you are 11 this is your YouTube search bar let’s goo
History never tell yourself the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon
Sorry for texting back so fast, I want you and I am in love with you🥺😘
Who said a steak couldn’t be cooked medium rare in the microwave follow me for more recipes
I pray my daughter never wonders what she has to fix for a man to love her😩
Lookn like Chinese food batwings and fried rice
Bitch how you gon buy a nigga a PS5 when you missing a side tooth
Congratulations to everyone who moved on without the genuine apology or closure you deserved. That’s not easy.
Omg finally I found it was givn me the blues if you’re still looking for a PS5 they have about
Why do I drive like I can afford a ticket
I need a nigga to act like he can’t breathe without me, that’s my problem 😂🤣😭
Hmmm drinking dusse out the mfn bottle
If tequila is your go to alcohol you’re Toxic😂😂😂
Woman in the 1600s I was just thinking men
The workout selfies on my phone from the last year because I made zero progress
We went from sharing food secrets bodily fluids & bad breath mornings to nothing
If you ain’t bout it, someone else will be… Lol no pressure love
I found myself at war with myself and at war with myself I found myself
Commitment isn’t scary, wasting years of my life is.
85% of you niggas would still hit

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