Enjoy your own company no one is giving a fuck about you
It’s time for them Tt’s baby females to get pregnant y’all had enough practice
Sometimes you got to be disrespectful to show people that you were being respectful the entire time
5 by 5 rule if it’s not gonna matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset by
Having someone understand your mind is a whole different kind of intimacy the vibration is magical
Don’t talk to me when I wake up I need an hour to defrost
Yall wanted this ‘cuddle’ weather now look at you
Doctors are protesting and no one knows why
This is like the don’t step on me snake flag but better
How are you on social media but can’t reply to my text
When she starts making valid points and is winning the argument
How it started, how it’s going
Y’all watching the series finale of United States tomorrow
I cannot fuck with someone who isn’t affectionate, I need that lovey dovey shit
You got a pay attention to Vibes not words and sometimes not even actions them shit be fake too
that tingly feeling when you First starting to a guy is your common sense leaving your body
7.8 billion people in the world & you still waiting for your friends & family to support you
What do you get when you mix Covid anxiety, seasonal depression, cuffing season, good old fashioned regular depression,
Be all in or get all out there is no halfway
Some shit ain’t worth addressing anymore I’d rather charge it to the game and keep it moving

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