Why the empanada lady playing with me bitch gave me a empty nada bitch gave me nada damn thing tko
Ghetto answer only since y’all so smart what’s this
Dudes always calling women hoes let’s talk about how easy it is to fuck y’all through
Black ppl can’t never just laugh we gotta hit folks clap poor stomp & take off running
When I click on submit payment
This nigga done got his taxes
I’m going to tell my children this Mona Lisa
One thing bout a real one we still real after you disappoint us
No peleo por Facebook Sal que Estoy augers de ti casa
Starting the day off with a power breakfast
Which zodiac deserves this seat
Can you just try to see things from my perspective niggas
No one is obligated to sit around and wait for you to be sure about whether or not you wanna
So my dog maggie stole my dads dentures while he was napping
When the irs playin games with your money and you already took yo hair out
Let’s settle this crab legs or wings
Whoever just sold my daughter this mf raccoon
Pain hit different when nobody’s know what really on ya mind
When the store say no more plastic bags
Name something a broke bitch always got


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