My baby girl is such lady
I looooove physical affection….
These wigs in 107 degree weather
I was eating my….
When you detox from toxic people
I ain’t never in my life heard nobody say
There’s more to life than being a good…
People laugh at you for having to start over.
By the time they wanna fix their bond w you, you ain’t even
You ever had great sedans than took a nap so
Bae: “I’m sick”
Real men don’t check phones. They check…
This can’t be the same Niggas
Stop holding onto broken relationships…
If we talked for less than three months
President Obama you have a big job to do
If your pussy fat and it grips
I had sex in so long that if…
After sex men always want to ask did you cum
If a guy introduces you to his family


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