Sex before marriage is a sin
Bitches be nothing 18 times and still wanna fuck girl lay the fuck down I got asthma
My gut feeling ain’t never did me dirty and the vibes don’t lie
My damaged ass always thinks some sneaky shit going on ION trust shit
Sorry if I am becoming distant I’m tryna to be there for myself now
When you catch a nigga cheatin he be madder than you
Nobody not Finna hide me
It’s on you to get you where you wanna be
So y’all gonna really keep coming on FB telling everything just write a statement already
Know your worth add tax and never discount
Niggas watching that stimulus bill vote like it’s the draft
Kids make u feel like u da best mf ina world how Dey love u
UR BD just took a 30 min drive on GTA to clear his head since he ain’t got a car
Ppl that sleep naked don’t give a fuck about emergencies
You can’t use prayer to replace laziness
Sending unwanted pussy pictures is sexual harassment
Heavy on the private they won’t be able to do nothing but assume
Changes start from within not by moving to Atlanta
You can’t control how other people receive your energy
First thing that comes to mind when you see this pic

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