When her titties look good af but she toxic issa boobies trap
Your next chapter is going to cause some people to wish they had treated you better
You don’t always attract what you are you sometimes attract people who are in desperate need of what you are
Females be like what you won’t do another nigga would then be single for years nobody did it
Woman have a starting five  her ex, her sneaky link, the nigga she really want but he don’t act
don’t roll your fucking eyes at me
You guess what I weigh I’ll buy you something for Christmas
Stop giving so much energy to the things that weakens your spirit the people and the things they do to
Which shoe one, two, three
Let’s settle this which flavor is the best
Guys wyd if yo girl hits you with this stance
What coming to America quote do you randomly say out loud
Jodeci was in the desert with leather on singing cause a girl was gone for an hour if you don’t
My vibe so raw you’ll love me on accident
Thot vehicles 1.Challenger 2.Charger 3.Mustang 4.Anything foreign 5.Jordans
How I sleep when I call out of work for no reason besides fuck that job
If she got a little hair on her lip that pussy about to be phenomenal
Meek Mill lost $10,000 & a man found it & returned it to Meek
Let’s settle this I’ve been a 1 my whole life what are y’all
When you watched a UFC and know you could kick all of their asses but just can’t afford to train

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