New Yorkers be thinking they gods gift to every fucking where we go
All y’all asses gon be broke again in a month
Me at the irs building tryna see wtf they doing with my taxes
When she say hurry before I change my mind
I’m gonna tell my kids this is steel panther
Finish the riddle nineteen ninety nine eighteen eighty eight seventeen seventy seven what goes next
Not leaving until I see who walks out of this house
When a thick girl throw it back and you didn’t have your feet planted
She 51 years old are these jeans too damn tight for her age or fitting fine
When someone who can’t do shit for you say that they’re cutting you off
When you in the shower and dem bubble guts blow da horn
90s hoverboards gym class use to be lit whenever the teachers pulled these out
When you get out of the shower and stare at yourself in the mirror wondering where it all went wrong
When you’re stressed out and the weed man not answering his phone
Appreciate a man’s effort sometimes you just don’t know what they had to go through just to keep you happy
When you mad at bae but she’s walking around in booty shorts
You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are
I like my spirit ate sopped up it’s such it’s soul food I like when it’s savored slowly
Hey you coming out tonight oh sorry wish I could super busy with all this work
Got my daughter a pair of roller  blades so when her car breaks down she wouldn’t have to depend


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