A lot of women aren’t used to men genuinely caring about them
Had a great time at Six Flags died at least four times but hands-down wonderful time
Kids don’t even say dookie head no more they just call you a bitch
Stop thanking people bro cuz they don’t wear their money
When New York girls get caught up they see you sound dumb but OK
Stop leaving out the part of the story where you messed up
People who can’t communicate think everything is an argument
A real nigga never told you he was real he just showed you
Do you ever look at a text and just think fuck you
Niggas give one shooter dap from the hood now they street experts
My real beef is with myself because I am supposed to be wayy further than I am
Once you become a very Aware of yourself, It’s almost a joke when someone tries to tell you about you
Ain’t no real love out here just weird vibes and secret animosity
Sometimes you got to remind people I was less before I met you and I’m going to be blessed after
I jus wanna see all us eat fuck who got da most
Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves
Any female that drives fast w 1 hand and plays loud music definitely beats on niggas
Eva had sum sex so good u can feel it when u think about it
McDonald’s be hiring some rude ass Mcbitches
Soon as I stop nagging just now I’m somewhere else gagging Gluck Gluck

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