Good people do get treated the worst
NY mosquitoes be tearing me up
I need peace so we gonna have some piece around here
When she starts getting a little
And will not say what he in there for
This brings back so many memories
They do the kids so wrong nowadays
Bangs ugly or not what you think?🤷🏾‍♂️
They don’t know anything about it
Gina does not deserve this disrespect
Can y’all relate to this at all
This is a lie to all non darksins
What sort of coonery is this
When you tweet about how ugly…
When your girl been beating on you…
Trying to stroke the gummy worm😂
Y’all be turning lesbian like girls don’t cheat too…
What in the world
Me when I say I’m not drinking tonight 
When you retire but that Ssi check isn’t enough to live on 


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