Y’all taking this kinky shit to a new level
For the hood niggas that stay in court
Wal Mart got hoes on sale
How bad is your eyesight
My door dash driver is talking crazy bro
He gonna have a good time tonight
Nahhhh but where can I get this
When you a dog and she’s a dog but y’all tryna make it work
How you big bitches sleep after a little nigga done dick you down
You deserve better & im better so wyd
I don’t know who kids need 2 hear This but all the “use to have waves niggaz” is bald</strong>👨🏾‍🦲<strong>now noDurag
When your head hits the pillow tonight remind yourself that you’ve done a good job
This morning somebody asked me to borrow 185 til they get their taxes because they hadn’t came yet
She think she about to get some DCk bc she got me drunk bitch turn some instrumentals on so I
I put google eyes on my trash can and now it looks concerned whenever it starts getting full
How I feel when I’m on top and he’s grabbing onto my love handles
Y’all don’t kno hurt until you watched this episode
Once I’m feeling you it’s only you it’s only you
If you not tryna eat at multiple outdoor restaurants & get lit off margaritas at 5pm this summer bye
lol nigga heard hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog and jumped straight out the tub


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