Facebook jail inmate
I want a relationship like this this nigga been…
What do y’all call these
Damn how long yo daughter usually stay up?
When opps die & his mans say “ I wish they took me”
Here’s a picture of a bumblebee butt and it’s…
Is the most patient gangster ever
Good women still exist, but our stomachs are not flat…
When it doesn’t bother you anymore like it…
I’m not gf material. If I invest myself in u, I’m on sum forever shit
When he’s beating up the pussy from the back and he
When his girl calls his phone and he tells you to hush right quick
Bitches out here catching dui’s dick, Uber & infections
This how niggas who just got a gun for the first time
Dear big girl…
The last thing you ate is what you ….
It’s official I am no longer late…
Who are these guys ….
I’m done with FB
When a bunch of retards break into your cell


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