When you rub the side of a Timb this genie float out
The truck we expect every year… The truck we are getting this year
I listen to the music everyday just in a different order
OnlyFans but I show bitches how to cook, OnlyPans
Fella one has to go, choose wisely🤔🤷🏾‍♂️#PGL
I tell everybody I’m good cuz wat u gone do if I’m not
If you remember anything of me after I leave this world remember that I loved even when I was foolish,
Im a sucks for deep talks I wanna know what made you think I was the mf you was bout
Don’t mind struggling with you, but I be damn if I struggle because of you #GN
My grandpa’s favorite jacket burned last year so I got him a new one
Love is encouraging💙 Hate is motivation🙌🏾, I need all that shit💯
Stop unboxing me twice I saw the first message & checked your profile I know what I’m doing
The black sheep usually turns  into the goat
Me reading all 300 comments of drama that has nothing to do with me.
When you see hulk hogan at the dump
When I gotta attitude I don’t care if you ask me if I wanna eat I’ll starve fuck you
You can file a complaint but my boss don’t care either😂
If you got somebody good you better put your pride to the side and give it your all.. Aint too
Sometimes you have to learn to be quiet even when you got a lot to say
Im a hustler if I don’t have it today on my momma I’ll have it figured out by tomorrow

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