Thanos 2020 half these mfers gotta go
Millennials are causing a baby bust they aren’t having enough kids to keep the population at the replacement level
Thick girls are you sure me
My girl literally watched me get the hell beat out of me at the gas station and didn’t help me
No herpes no chlamydia no gonorreah no HIV no STD no Cream pies no diabetes no shower no shaving no
When niggas cheat at least we cheat with the nothing ass bitches females always cheat with a nigga that’s actually
Most niggas be thinking the side nigga is some new dude in his woman’s life NO NIGGA I’ve been hitting
Support your friends/family’s business without asking for a discount
Some of y’all got wife written all over you y’all just mess with niggas that still read with their finger
Once you lose someone you love from death it make it easier to accept loosing people from arguments pretending disloyalty
When someone is sneak dissing pay attention to the likers especially the ones that knows it’s about you
I hope my ex is happy & healthy hope old friends who I out grown are doing good I hope
When I’m minding my business at a cookout & some random black lady says that food good ain’t it baby
My nails cost $45 my hair $150 my eye brows $10 in a relationship you should give me exactly nothing
Me rescuing my man after he’s drowned in my pussy
How dudes argue with their girl when they know she got hands
What is the correct way to eat these ramen noodles like for dry share for soup trying to prove a
This how my phone look at me when its on 2% but I’m too lazy to go charge it
Some of us matured early because life showed us the worst side of the world at a early age
Come on smile for the lady 

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