If you jack off multiple times a week something is wrong with you fr you the dean of dickbeating the
Good morning to everyone except myself cause I wish I was still asleep
Pop quiz what’s inside this tub
I don’t wanna hear that gossip bullshit, talk about some money when you around me.
Pop quiz what’s inside this tub
I wonder if any cartels are hiring for holiday help
Block him & let crunchy bundles have him
Is it just my crib or y’all spoons and forks be disappearing too
Women be like: Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up
New challenge can you do this
When she getting on top and both her knees pop” damn baby you sexy and crunchy”
If you have the funds to I suggest putting $55.55 $88.88 or $10.10 in your savings account before the full
Them ” call off, I’ll pay you for the day” niggas is dangerous🤣🤣🤣
Ain’t nobody stronger than a bitch tryna keep a nigga from pulling her pants down cause her coochie stank
You bitches can make ya ass jiggle but can’t make day skillet 🍳 sizzle
Niggas b thinking bitches b entertaining mad niggas do y’all know how annoying & broke most of ya are imagine
If Apple made electric cars
Tomorrow isn’t promised that’s why I cuss mfs out that same damn day
7year old me at 2am debating if I should hold my piss till morning or run down the hall and
I ain’t never make it to the holiday pictures in a relationship🥴😭😭🎄

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