Trump going to give Americans 1k to vote for h… I meant to take the corona virus test
Learn at home using tech
America sure is having some bad luck it’s almost like it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground
And he didn’t mind all her chaos in the end
How the fuck your gone tell me you ain’t ugly and I’m looking dead at you
Until a black mfer catch the coronavirus I’m be out here like
It’s 1987 and you just bought this what’s the first song you play
Lmfao I know he sick lost his 60k car to a 800 box Chevy
God motherfuckin damn no wonder he can’t guard anyone his feet rotten
Me when I bring my comforter out to the couch
No cocky shit but I know for a face I leave my mark on people
Marked safe from all propaganda about this corona virus this year
Every Nigga don’t cheat some niggas get that bag and go home to their lady
Marked safe from all propaganda about this coronavirus this year
I might flirt a little but I ain’t giving up no dick
Toilet paper aisle empty but the vitamin aisle to boost your immune system
Her you and your friends ain’t even gang me and friends
The Lysol commercial told me to disinfect the things I touch most
If she takes me to dinner I’m definitely giving up the dick or the first night
This the only big in this whole world that could make Fendi look like southpole


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