Pilot has Arabic accent
This girl sat next to me in the airport…
Put your nose on the black dot …
Send me something nice or ….
One thing I can can not stand …
The moment you’re not  realize you’re not just any ….
Okay class bring out your calculator…
Imagine pulling up to Area 51 …
Shit be ghetto until white ppl get a hold of it …
A man hurled racist….
When you’re waiting for him to get the towel
I’m getting tired of you bitch you never cooking
Actors and theirs stuntmen
Me at the club in dr
New shoes alert
I just want a job Tuesday-Thursday 12pm-2pm
I asked this bitch do u drink she said no it’s bad
How guys with iPhones sleep
He said, there was no spark between us anymore
I salute anybody doing they thing, I ain’t really


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