Tired of Mfers trying to insult my intelligence then wanna patronize me
Be careful how you treat a hustler we come up at anytime
You send a nigga to the grocery store and a new level of retard is exposed
I call it the nigriddle sausage patti French toast egg on toasted wheat bread
Watermelon blue raspberry candy apples with nerds
I’m just tryna lick on u like a ice cream
How old were you when you found out that these to you by the owners D&B
When he’s giving you the choke and Stroke combo that you love so much and then you hear him say
Just look at you
Who else ready for this time of year
Tired of mfers trying to insult my intelligence
Idc how hard life gets imma make a joke
Where are my 90s babies at
If a nigga ever had to spit start ya I don’t want to see not one post about a mf
Bitches be trying so hard not to get fucked for free can you stop by Wendy’s
I keep my page public for the this is her yeah bitch I’m pretty Show them
Everything that was meant to break me I ate that shit up
I want a husband but not like the ones y’all got take your time lord
You cannot afford to get distracted in this season
Have you loved someone so much you try to understand while they was hurting you

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