Nah see pimpin ain’t dead
I’m at the age where the truth don’t hurt I appreciate that shit
When you need a full set but your nail salon is closed
Fuck it give them all $1000
If yo nigga gotta ask for some head or sex he need to cheat on yo ass
When your boo being a hoe on the tl but y’all ain’t official so
The look she gives you when you start making other bitches laugh
Now it’s our turn to tell Chinese people I feel sorry for your mother
Got a man that treat me right now the world want to end wow just wow
That one nigga in the crew that’ll hit anything
My niece said auntie your noodle sauce fell out your purse
Being cute just died Men are going to want a woman that can catch a chicken now
When she ask you if you pulled out
You can’t expect a person who lies to themselves everyday to be honest with you
Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food
Dear corona take the light skin niggas first sincerely a darkskin nigga
This is how we cleaned our gastronomers before the covid 19 arrived
ASI no’s limpiabamos los antes ER whe llegra el covid 19
Hey folks I know this may seem obvious but its a good reminder
When she used to be crazy but god changed her life


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