Guys, I found their headquarters 😂😂
The first thought that comes to ur mind
As a boyfriend I’m going to be yo biggest fan and hater😘 with your sexy bald headed ass
You really gotta beware of people that will do anything to get on hungry dogs ain’t loyal they eat with
Is anyone else hanging on by a thread like mentally?
Is anyone else hanging on by a thread like mentally
Just remember, hatin people ain’t happy and happy people ain’t hatin
I love when I’m drunk 🥴 just be floating around smiling , can’t hardly see lol
Why all the hood niggas use woman deodorant never met one who didn’t
Me contemplating how I can quit my job and still live the bougie lifestyle I deserve
Me skipping 100 cars then merging right when the lane ends
Me right now:
Throat Baby is the most smoothest disrespectful romantic song ever
Niggas get a nike tech fleece and forget how to tech it off
Once I see you entertain somebody uglier than me I don’t want you no more 😂😂😂
I pray you are someone who knows your heart is a special energy I pray your eyes light up at
If we gotta do a lil crack to be this happy, then we just gotta do a lil crack then
If she get ready in 5 mins something stank
If she got one of these…. She is faithful af, It’s them bald bitches that be cheating
If you jack off multiple times a week something is wrong with you fr you the dean of dickbeating the

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