When you planned to slaughter everyone inside the house but shorty is thicc af
The look you have when you love him to death but everything he does makes you sick
In order to reinvent yourself the first thing you have to do is let it go
How girls look fucking a nigga with no job and no possible future
Ya mother just in case somebody out there talking about me
Y’all females really be letting dudes built like this break your heart
You think you can hurt my feelings I’ve been the least favorite in every single relationship group I’ve had since
Halloween is today that’s crazy I can’t believe Christmas starts tomorrow
First game you playing
Which is worse 1 a woman that don’t clean 2 a woman that don’t cook
I am woman I bend I don’t break
Idc I love romantic shit
What y’all know about this
Niggas cheat because in house pussy be harder to get than outside pussy
Me trying to turn my life around
I showed more love than I ever got back so excuse me for how heartless I’ve become
Yall vote for Biden because Ya love everyone except black men and black babies in the womb
Real  New Yorkers whats further, dumb far or wild far?
If I cheated on you I’m sorry I get that shit from my father side of the family
One thing I know how to do is turn 1800$ into 0.018$

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