Now that my hoe days are over with & I dont cheat no more let me give yall free game
If I spend money on you its not because I got it like that but I got you like that
Bro wtf are these called 18 years later and I still dont know what these called church candy
Either two inches is huge or murder hornets are small make up your mind woman
Being a girl seems so easy all u gotta is lie and ask for forty dollars
You can meet a girl thats 35 and a woman thats 23 read this again
High schoolers pay attention to who is considered essential personnel right now
Confession I cannot see at night I just be driving & praying
Be my peace i already don’t qualify for food stamps
I just heard the toy box dump out
Umm my account still say -14.39 what they doing background checks or sum
Y’all don’t want me y’all just wanna touch much private parts ion like dat
Find the panda good luck I haven’t found it yet
The body you want achievable with discipline the career you want achievable with
When you finally let the ugly dude hit and realize you should have let him beat your littles swamp months
Dudes be on child support for 85.38 a month talking about I’m not giving her shit else bruh you already
How niggaz be looking off that bean
The picky eater test 1 point for every food you will not eat
Girls coming out of quarantine after weeks without Botox hair extensions & lashes


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