How someone makes me feel emotionally and mentally is way more important than what they can do for me materialistically
Dont kill a good convo by saying facetime me cuz now i gotta play dead
Jennifer Aniston says Dont vote Kanye West its not funny
1966 Batman water gun kids love it so does Batman its fine
November 1st, Mariah Carey,
Somebody said spirit airlines so cheap they take the back roads in the sky
I pray that November is full of good news blessings and positive vibes
One mans she to much for me is another man’s i can’t get enough of her
Chase your passions & money will come Chase monkey & you may never find your passions
When NY niggas hear a bottle of henny open
Warning do not put me on, speaker phone i am not speaker phone material
I bet the blades are dull on those scissors
Current status putting up our Christmas tree way to early
All I’m interested in lately it’s love laughter my personal health growth and becoming an All around radiant soul
How old were you when juice dropped in 1992
Mfs tryna talk politics but had a 55 in social studies
Vote as if your brother is gay Your house is ok fire Your skin is not white Your son is
I dreamed about you what did you dream about haha nothing
Im so sick of peoples advice you need to love yourself bitch I masturbate daily what are you even talking
I want to publicly thank God for all the things he’s doing privately

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