You a strong mf if you can deal with a Capricorn 🥺 #Respectfully
Babe I have to tell you something I cheated on you once me too 1 April 17 July
Gotta stop letting people who at war with themselves destroy your energy.
Your family history you your child
I’m the type to want more for you, not more from you….
Sometimes you gotta give these woman back to the type of men they used to
Half of Jamaicans diet problems is because we” feel fi sumtin nice.”
Blessed high energy vibes you don’t need the sun to shine
& for the b*tches that think jeezy won y’all stomach in y’all leggings
Even a understanding heart gets fed up of understanding.
If you see me lookin zoned out it’s cuz Im having a therapy session with myself in my head
I saw two blind niggas fighting, so I yelled ” he got a knife” and they both ran away
I told my daughter to grab her mask so we can go to the store this was the mask she
Being my ex is not a flex. The fact that you had me and couldn’t keep me? Embarrassing
Omg look at these Covid cases Australia 20,000 Canada 45,288 Germany 100,000 India 96,000 Russia 45,000 Spain 20,000 United Kingdom
Just signed up for Christian Mingle🥳 My Username Is: JesusGotNailedAndSoCanYou🥴
Petty may his dicc go soft as he attempts to fucc other bxches amen
No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. Keep grinding.
Ion check phones cause I’ll slap a nigga out his sleep at 5am playing wit me
When you operate in your gift you don’t have to be at the head of the table, for wherever you

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