If your GF/BF/BFF needs Reassurance on how you feel…
Don’t ever let his social media for you I do exist
Shower sex is overrated happy having the pussy feel…
You ever been #Blocked On Social Media…
If you’re a man ain’t sucking on you like a peach
Shout out to those posting knowledge and sharing
If you have to fight for their time you’re probably wasting yours
It’s not your job to be likable. It’s your job to be yourself.
Fellas you are picking her up 1st date & she text u…
He needs to start respecting me know sis you need to start respecting yourself
If money and material things make you believe you are better than others…
Oohhh Popeye
Sis leave that man alone he’s not ready for the type
The world is funny if the government find diamonds or oil
Any man that ran the streets at a young age and survived
Pull up to pick up your movie day and she comes out like this…
Songs really do be hitting different when you’ve
This is why you can’t put everyone on
Every female has told her friend talk to him bitch he got money


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