Wee Man: I’m at the park with my kids me: dis is coming down the slide rn
Niggas cheat because in house pussy be harder to get than outside pussy
Why every time I get in the shower I start hearing mfs breaking in my house
I am woman i bend i don’t break
You can’t be in a relationship and still make people feel like they got a chance with you
Were you ever sent here?  what was the reason?
You ever just want to go home but nowhere feels like home anymore
That boy scared af he Dont know wtf he sitting next to
Bae I gotto stay at my Ex house tonight my car not starting reply as my Bae
I gotta talk about something 237 times before I get over it
Me,waking up in the middle of the night to see if Biden won yet
As a business owner if you can’t provide a service say that
Niggas be 1st round condom & 2nd round raw you trust her or not
When you’re riding his face and makes you squirt
When the Dick small and he ask what it taste like A PACIFIER
Naked cuddles after yall both slutted each other out
The road to who I’m voting for trump or Biden Harris
The average retirement savings for Americans between age 55-64 is $109k. Is this enough? Whats your strategy? Need a strategy?
Ladies, do, this, to, his, tea, he, will, never, leave, you, trust, and, thank, me, later,
What I’m going to be for Halloween

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