I’m so tired of saying stop I don’t even care Nomo
Someone so tell me about yourself I really wanna know more about you alright pick a category
Free face mask with every enlisted COBRA
Me aprils gonna suck my mom april showers bring may flowers
If bubblegum bubblegum in a dish was a person
Once they learn how to fry some chicken yall dark skin ladies going to be n trouble
When you been using that cheap toilet paper for two weeks
How skinny girls look when they take their clothes off
Trick daddy look like a TV dinner brownie
The picky eater test 1 point for every food you will not eat
Lmao I know he sick lost his $60k to a $800 box Chevy
Hey folks I know this may seem obvious but its a good reminder
Its 1987 and you just bought this whats the first song you play
Whats that Jamaican song Batman fighting robin pull up
Kids today got it lucky they can find out school is cancelled thru a text theyll never know the feeling
If your momma auntie grandma etc ever smoked cigarettes back in the day she had one of these tell me
Me after eating dairy products knowing damn well Im lactose intolerant
Im a lil toxic but we gone have fun around this mf
Imagine busting out doing the swag surf and somebody yell ok old school I see u
If your dad wore shoes like this when you were growing up you have siblings you never met


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