If money and material things make you believe you are better than others you are the poorest person on earth
Feeling the dick pulsate when he cums inside of you is top tier
Woman with no only fans WYD
My wedding cake gonna be an edible and I’m not warning anybody
My dick inside the condom missing out on that WAP
Wanting me does not flatter me
6600 languages in the world and you decide you wanna talk shit
Bet y’all didn’t know Winnie the Pooh grandma’s name was Pooh nanny
If we ever partied together drop a drunk story you will never forget of us
If you ever stop dealing with me because of what somebody else told you thank you
Don’t tell me what you have before you tell me who you are
How did Sara get from LA to NY
Niggas text you good morning and go missing for the rest of the day
I wanna go on a date date
My mask broke in the store today and I felt like my titty popped out
The real dangers of marijuana
Having a nigga post you is like saying y’all this the bitch I be cheating on
If you built like this you can’t charge no $40
Leonardo da Vinci was 7’5
Yell out here trusting people y’all took from someone else

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