Definition of stupid: knowing the truth, seeing the truth,  but still believing the lies
I think one of the most humbling lines to live by is that if someone tells you you hurt them
Them them laid-back Men be sneaky as fuck ain’t no way you just be Vibin 24 /seven
No point to prove just kids to raise & goals to reach
Are you still mad I bought you food: her: from where
Damn girl are you a lollipop cuz you’re a fucking dum dum
1 man’s shes crazy is another man’s I see what that nigga was talking about
My future wife out here probably thinking no one’s gonna love her aww I’m coming my little munchkin don’t lose
What do you feed a New Yorker?
I took an ex Ray today can yall pray for me the doctor said I might need knee surgery
Just a reminder to set boundaries. audacity is at an all time high.
Body wants sex. Heart wants love. Soul NEEDS peace.
SEX is great, but have you ever invoked the 25th Amendment?
If 4 wings fried hard was a person
Eating pussy because you love it vs eating pussy because she ask you to
Im not a cigarette that you’ll smoke and crush I’m a drug baby you’ll beg for me
Cut out some of them bad habits and watch how ambitious you become
Before you ask spirit to expose fake, toxic people with hidden agendas in your life make sure you ask for
Thanks to a straight couple you exist today
I’m practicing non-attachment. Accepting what comes and allowing it to leave when it’s time. What’s for me will be for

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