You don’t have to ask a real man for nothing he sees the happiness or pain in your eyes and
If a man doesn’t match his words he is not a man he’s just a boy who likes to
Be with a nigga that wants to see you happy and want to be the reason your happy
This chapter of my life is invite only
Out hea posted wit my dawgs ykwtfgo long live my nigga spots we out imma trenches everyday lon
I really get if I spend the night at your house cause I like to go home
Y’all ever just laid there wondering if they’re being real with you
You can literally feel when it’s time to move into your life’s next chapter
I curved so many people for one person & look at me now bored
Me in bed looking at everyone’s halloween costumes this weekend
That slow sex while talking & kissing be the best
The streets we miss you come back
This chic @ work gave me a pill for my headache and I ain’t blinked in 6 hours girl you
Deleting me from social media is cool but adding me again lol respect yourself
Scenes that traumatized us as kids and still make us cry as adults
Unpopular opinion Ham is better than Turkey on Thanksgiving
High functioning depression is a real fucking thing check on your hilarious ass smiling ass positive ass inspirational ass boss
When u 30 mins deep into an argument & realize u misunderstood some shit
Cant nobody tell me how I should feel towards anything I’m not you & you not me
My ex’s be in my inbox talking about I’m proud of you

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