Niggas be like bae ur w2s came in tha mail today “ you” hungry stank stank
When she throw that ass back and you’re about to wumbo
So there this guy who’s been trying to take me out for a while now & I came to eat
Getting shot aint shit yall ever fell in love with a light skin woman
You gotta be 25 to know what this is name the drink
I mean I can come over but nothing gone happen I’m tired
When you check your bank account and it says your balance is $120084
Me eating my $7 sandwich that I paid $50 for on Uber eats
When your broke during quarantine
Stereotypes vs reality
I believe in loyalty above everything its all or nothing with me
Date a man that tells you
Date a woman that tells you
Whats his name
When she breaks up wit the most violent nigga in the hood and starts liking all yo pics
Nobody a Kerry Washington character
If classy bougie ratchet was a person
How the chicks that were popular in high school be built now
If you wore these back in the day you wildn
Example to take turkeys streets are foam cleaned hand sanitizers are also installed on the streets


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