Men be mad about New York jokes then some shit like this pop up😂😂😂
Type I am the textbook definition of a & then let autocorrect finish the rest
She better check her nigga lol Don’t make me post screenshots, up to date one at that !!!
Now what facility is this if they don’t get they inmates
Hold my fucking beer let’s go sledding
At this point if a clown invited me into the woods I would just go
Me shutting down is far worse than me blowing up I promise
When you need a new car but you’re not sure about your credit
You know you are a good person when a Capricorn apologize to you 💀
This how the slick shit I say sit in my mouth waiting for someone dumb
Let’s split up gang! Daphne and Velma come with me shaggy you go with Scooby
Damn how much daylight they tryna save it be dark as sh!t at 5p.m
Raw sex be feeling so good what Mickey Mouse say Rawdog rawdog rawdiggity-dog
May her transmission fuck up  when she with them other niggas, amen🙏🏾🙏🏾
When she say it’s ok for me to take the rubber off
When you hear him say nah I got a girl and wouldnt  respect that
This that Lay up & scoot yo booty on the wee wee weather
Sometimes people must be escorted from the VIP section of your life to a regular
Using credit the right way will make you rich
Did anyone else’s parents used to drive them around neighborhoods to look at people’s Christmas lights and it used to

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