People out here talking about savethekids but their 12 year old daughters are on tiktok twerking to WAP
Good morning stop playing small if you place mall you stay small
Getting surgery on my leg today because I can’t stand these hoes
This girl said her bank account drier than her scalp
casamigos works in 5 seconds I be speaking Spanish in 10
Putting your energy in the wrong place will delete you
Imma be that did you ask yo mom ass daddy not a finna Ruinmy pussy tonight
Just imagine going to an orgy and nobody wanna fuck you
You can still be friends with people who leave your church
If I get jumped don’t jump in I’m bout to start shootin
Fuck that bond & fuck them memories cut them mf s off and keep it tf moving
Crackheads watching you pay with cash after you just told them you didn’t have any money
Forgiving means not bringing up the past every time you have a new fight
Keep watering yourself until you feel like you again
I suck a beak ups 6mins later I’m texting so you gone leave me like my dad did
I don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need anything from amazon today
It smells like lies and entanglements outside must be Virgo season
Put her vibrator on the highest mode and make her hold it in her clit
What is missing from this photo
The cloth that some of you all are cut from I wouldn’t wipe my ass with

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