When she ask you…
Snapchat Vs. Facebook
This is not a shower
Snoop Dogg out here looking like the Black M Bison
Next time y’all gonna see R.Kelly
Women’s Nike air max…..
Teacher: need help? Kid: yeah I don’t get it
Every female fucked 1 nigga built like this
It’s so hot somebody pussy ..
These can’t be the same bills…
If a man help you with your kids & he ain’t the daddy…
When you go in the bathroom…
Wear what you want cause ya man looking at the next shawty
I just took a dna test, turns out I’m…
When it’s hot af and you’re wearing your girls booty shorts
Facebook jail inmate
I want a relationship like this this nigga been…
What do y’all call these
Damn how long yo daughter usually stay up?


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