Me after getting curved by every chick at the gym
Throat baby is the most smoothest disrespectful Romantic song ever
PSA ya’ll need to stop getting mad at your friends for not supporting your relationship when your dating satan and they just want the best for you
My African American studies professor won’t let us refer to slaves as slaves but instead enslaved people and I think that alone is very powerful
Noah I didn’t start building the ark to explain himself to every daughter and hater keep building and let the rain do the talking.
Hey girl you’re kinda cute can I send you a dick pic
I noticed everything and buy everything I literally mean everything, I noticed when someone stops hitting me up like they used to, I notice when the way someone talks to me starts changing, I noticed a little things that people do it a little things they used to do I knows when things change and no longer the same
I’ll be looking at my dick on soft like this couldn’t possibly be what makes women wanna slash my tires or stab me in the throat while I’m sleeping
Love is encouraging hate is motivation I need all that shit
I need a man to act like he can’t breathe without me that’s my problem
I told him to watch her while I got in the shower, whole time she watching his ass
Right now it’s a mother somewhere Yelling I’ll take all this shit back
If the throbs when you think of him, girl, you in trouble
Here’s a photo of a cat seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. You’re welcome
People will believe anything about you as long as it’s negative, but anything positive they question
If you remember anything of me after I leave this world, remember that I loved even when it was foolish. That I cared even when it was unwanted
If you want to be happy be happy on purpose when you wake up in the morning you can’t just wait and see what kind of day you have
I don’t need no man to help me raise my son
When the client says can you do it cheaper
Do girls ever feel they’re too broke to date?

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