Paying $600 for a $30 bottle standing on a couch in a
club reciting trap music!? Look at yourself. Yea We All
done it. enjoy your moment #allabouttheexpeience

I travel alot because I enjoy it & also I’d rather look back
at my life in 30 years saying I can’t believe I did that” or
“lived through that” instead of “If only I had”

Before anyone else inboxes me or text message me, I am fully aware of the picture of Me in the shower that is going around on Social media. Looks like this was posted as an act of “REVENGE” or “KARMA”… To be honest tho Do i really care? NO…. I like Me and I am not ashamed of Me. I even posted the picture in the comments to save you all from having to search for it. So.. Whatever… people can’t hurt me or embarrass me I’m a WILDCARD!